News and Analysis 7/2/21

When questioned the editors did not explain why, after political pressure, they retroactively decided that “a summary of the health crisis taking place in the Gaza Strip as a result of the war” “fell outside the scope of the magazine:

The NEA will debate resolutions calling for educating the public on the detention of Palestinian children and ending US “arming and supporting” of Israel:

The Palestinian Authority, “funded and trained by the US and EU”, works with the state of Israel to perpetuate violence against its own populace and cannot be considered a legitimate ruling body for the Palestinians:

The owner of a demolished structure stated that he owned the land “but it was nearly impossible for Palestinians to receive building permits from the municipality”:

A test of Arafat’s personal effects at the Institute of Applied Radiophysics in Lausanne found ” evidence of polonium-210 poisoning” yet the European court of human rights claimed an appeal filed by Yasser Arafat’s daughter and widow ” is manifestly ill-founded”:

A Sikh woman whose complaint led to the arrest of  two Muslim men for rape, fraud , violation of the state’s anti-conversion law now denies all charges and claims she lodged complaint under pressure:

On Thursday, hundreds of demonstrators marched outside China’s UK embassy to protest “the demolition of mosques and the mass arrest of Uighur Muslims”:

A “chance encounter between Shah and a group of young men, who happened to pass by as the god-fearing musician was playing his instrument on a dusty street corner … would propel him into becoming one of Kashmir’s most famous modern rabab musicians”:

“[M]ilitary historian Andrew Bacevich says” that the inclination to demonize Iran “makes it very difficult for us to come to a reasoned understanding of how we got so deeply enmeshed in the Persian Gulf and how it is that we end up basically in the pocket of the Saudis”:

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