News and Analysis 7/5/21

35 year old Najlaa Zaitoun was assaulted and chased by PA security forces while covering the Ramallah protests. The security forces “violently attacked her with a truncheon” and further went on to “threaten her with rape”:

Taliban now controls a third of Afghanistan after capturing several districts following “the retreat of Afghan government forces” into the neighboring state of Tajikistan:

The Independent Commission for Human Rights said today that Palestinian lawyer Farid al-Atrash was detained at an Israeli checkpoint “while returning from a protest against the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah”:

Saudi Arabia’s deliberate attempt “to replace immigrant workers with Saudi nationals” is forcing Yemenis to look for work elsewhere as their home country is left in shambles:

21 year old Mohammad Hassan was shot three times by Israeli occupation forces after throwing rocks at the “dozens of settlers who were stoning him and his property from every direction”:

Amidst the shadow war that continues to brew between Iran and Israel, Israeli defense officials stated that “they believe Iran was behind the attack on the ship”:

On Saturday night, Israeli aircrafts bombed several targets across the Gaza Strip. This follows 11 days of bombing last month where “occupation forces killed nearly 260 Palestinians, including 66 children, and forced tens of thousands to flee their homes”:

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi accused the United States of being “the source of conflicts” across the world after listing a series of international conflicts for which many believe the US is responsible:

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