News and Analysis 7/6/2021

“[T]he Canadian government’s risk assessment for terrorism financing in the charitable sector focuses almost exclusively on Muslim charities, with little to no public substantiation of the risk”:

“There is a moral discrepancy in claiming to be opposed to anti-Muslim bigotry domestically while easing the way for anti-Muslim violence abroad, or justifying it on religious grounds, as some American faith leaders do”:

Norway’s largest pension fund KLP said on Monday it would no longer invest in 16 companies, including Alstom and Motorola, that “risk complicity in international law violations in occupied Palestine” due to their links to Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank:

21 activists, including 10 women, were “immediately detained” after entering the Al-Manara Square to protest PA brutality:

Israeli soldiers raided a refugee camp in Jenin that served as a children’s center for “around 120 children” and deliberately destroyed “books, toys, electrical boxes, and plumbing”:

After the murder of Nizar Banat, Palestinians are fighting to expose the PA as a puppet regime meant to keep the Palestinian populace under control:

On Tuesday, Iran accused Israel of an attack in late June against a civilian nuclear site near Tehran that “damaged the building”:

The Taliban have showed off containers “full of US weapons and military hardware” seized from the Afghan military as American forces withdraw from the country and the militants “continue their rapid expansion”:

Under Islamic law the death penalty for murderer may be avoided if the victim’s family forgives the perpetrator:

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