News and Analysis 7/13/21

Israel’s increasingly frequent demolitions in Silwan are linked with plans to “build the City of David, a pseudo-archaeological theme park run by settlers” with the hidden intent of “bolstering Jewish presence and expelling the Palestinian population”:

Michael Lynk, a “UN special rapporteur on human rights” in the occupied Palestinian territories, made a “strong case for illegal settlements to be classified as war crimes” in his report addressed to the UN Human Rights Council on Friday:

Facebook deems it a violation of community standards to “praise or support … [a] non-state actor that engages in or advocates, or lends substantial support to purposive and planned acts of violence,” but has no qualms about supporters of states that do the same thing:

Israel will “withhold $180 million in tax transfers” to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to offset money transfers going to families of Palestinians imprisoned or murdered by Israeli state terrorism in 2020:

Recent reports indicate that the Indian government is invoking “strict provisions of the anti-terror law” to charge and incarcerate minors:

Following the Taliban’s rapid expansion in Afghanistan, senior Afghan leaders will fly to Doha for talks with the militant group this week, despite having taken a “hard stance on negotiations” in the past:

Iran’s government spokesman said Tuesday that talks with the United States “about a prisoner exchange” are still ongoing:

On Tuesday, Israel refused to let 58 year old Khalida Jarrar, who is serving a two-year sentence for being a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to attend the funeral of her daughter “who died of a cardiac arrest”:

In Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the governing union’s “CoWIN website for vaccination” registered a Kashmiri man, whose family stated he died six decades ago, as one “who has received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine”:

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