News and Analysis 7/18/21

Protected by heavily armed Israeli occupation police, “1,371 Jewish settlers accompanied by Knesset members” stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque and clashed with Palestinian worshipers inside the third Islamic holy site:

The inter-faith alliance between a major Muslim and Evangelical organization aims to strengthen the relationship between Christians and Muslims as well as to present a more “moderate and humanitarian view of Islam” in stark contrast to the Islam portrayed in popular western culture:

Iran’s top nuclear negotiator has accused the United States and the United Kingdom of “holding prisoner exchange talks hostage” after Iran said nuclear talks should be delayed until after its new government comes into office:

High ranking Afghan officials and Taliban representatives held talks in Doha on Saturday as violence raged in their country amid the withdrawal of foreign forces:

Sulli is a derogatory slang term used by Hindutva extremists for Muslim women. The “Sulli Deals” app displayed pictures of Muslim women “sourced from their social media profiles without their consent” and used them with the intent of harassing and humiliating these women:

India’s blatant attempts to portray the legitimate Kashmiri struggle as “terrorism” while simultaneously trying to change the country’s demographic through “bureaucratic takeover and tactics of harassment” are in clear violation of international law:

An Israeli football club, whose fanbase is “known for racism and anti-Palestinian chants” has scrapped a friendly match with FC Barcelona, following the Spanish club’s refusal to hold the event in Jerusalem:

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