News and Analysis 7/23/21

Backlash to the ice-cream maker’s decision to distinguish between Israel and the territories it occupies has shown that “for many Israelis, the distinction no longer exists”:

Former UN rights chief Navi Pillay will lead an investigation into ‘systematic’ abuses in occupied Palestinian territories and Israel:

High profile politicians, activists, journalists, as well as their family members in Indian occupied Kashmir were listed as “potential targets” for the Israeli developed spyware program Pegasus…

…as civilian backlash in India against Israel and the Modi establishment rises after the spyware targeted “forty journalists who had previously been harassed and received threats for criticizing PM Narendra Modi”:

When it comes to Muslims, popular language modelling display more artificial bigotry than artificial intelligence:

“Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei … called on officials to deal with the crisis” rather than blame protesters:

146 Palestinians were injured on Friday by Israeli troops “in the West Bank village of Beita” medics said, during protests against an illegal Israeli settlement outpost:

The US military carried out two strikes against the Taliban overnight “in support of Afghan forces in the Kandahar province” multiple defense officials said, targeting captured equipment …

… while Iran’s neighbors’ desires for “friendly ties with Kabul are tested by a desire to engage with the powerful Taliban movement that has retaken much of the country”:

Israel tell its high court, “The Palestinian Authority does not systematically persecute people because of their sexual orientation”:

A large Iranian navy ship was spotted by the Danish Defense Ministry in the Baltic Sea and appears to be heading toward Russia, “It is expected that they are on their way to the annual naval parade in St. Petersburg”:






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