News and Analysis 7/27/21

Israel makes plans to intimidate other companies may follow Ben and Jerry’s lead in opposing illegal settlements:

For Israel, letting “graduates of its intelligence services sell intrusive tools to problematic governments” oppressing diplomats and journalists is “a diplomatic strategy”:

160 academics from over 21 countries wrote a letter charging Israeli universities with “complicity in Israel’s regime of military occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid”:

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry claimed that it has arrested a network of Mossad agents and seized “a heavy shipment of weapons and ammunition” after they entered Iran through its western border:
Interviews with seven previously detained Kashmiri youth, “including a 15-year-old minor, have exposed the extent of the rounding up and brutal torture of civilians in the conflict”:
India has perpetually funded terrorist groups in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, yet has managed to avoid being placed on the FATF’s grey list in large part due to its “purchases of military equipment from France and the US”:

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is calling on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to probe actions by the Israeli military in its 11-day conflict with Hamas in May, arguing that they “violated the laws of war” and “amount to war crimes”:

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