News and Analysis 7/28/21

“The constitution states that when the article that allows the president to take emergency powers is invoked, parliament is forced into continuous session, and cannot be dissolved [but] … Saied has suspended parliament”:

“You are a terrorist, not a sir or a Mr. You should be in the Knesset in Syria, not here” — far right lawmaker Ben Gvir in response to the request of an Arab parliamentarian chairing the Knesset to be addressed as “Mr. Deputy Speaker”:

According to Palestinian health officials, 41-year-old Shadi Omar was shot by Israeli forces in the town of Beita, where residents have been holding protests for weeks “against an illegal Israeli settlement outpost” …

… and 43-year-old Abdu Yousef al-Khatib al-Tamimi died in a detention facility in central Jerusalem after being detained by police for traffic violations:

The PA shut down the J-Media Ramallah office and summoned its office director (who had been recently arrested “following his sermon at the funeral of [a] political dissident … killed by a  PA police officer in Hebron”) for interrogation:

Led by “the Butcher of Gujarat,” the ruling BJP  is “adopting lawfare tactics to permanently annex the state” in order to prevent the Kashmiri people “claiming their legal rights via national or international legal systems”:

“Iranian policymakers … face a difficult set of decisions, including how they will balance their country’s strong ties to Afghanistan’s minority Hazara community against Iran’s diplomatic dance with the Taliban and the Afghan government”:

China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has pledged Chinese support for the Taliban as long as they “end all ties with the East Turkistan Islamic Movement” which the U.S. has removed from its list of terrorist groups:

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