News and Analysis 8/6/21

Moayed Al-Alami, father of the 12 year old boy murdered by the IDF, “has no confidence in this investigation” until the guilty soldiers “are before me in court”:

Amidst international pressure, Israel has begun to seemingly “investigate and reprimand the NSO” despite clearly having played an integral role in “distributing the NSO’s dangerous spyware to dictatorships in the past year”:

A new initiative by the Jewish National Fund on the “registration of properties beyond the Green Line” could lead to the eviction of Palestinians from their homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem:

Palestinians do not expect nor will they realistically receive any justice from Israeli courts; the courts are simply “another tactic used by the Israeli state to uphold its colonial agenda” and ultimately “evict Palestinians from their ancestral homes”:

Taliban commanders stated that they have “shifted their focus from rural areas to provincial capitals” in response to U.S airstrikes:

As Kashmiris observe Black Day, marking the anniversary of the Modi-regime’s revocation of Article 370, the tally stands at “411 Kashmiris martyred, 2047 injured” with most killings involving “fake encounters and violent search during custody”:

Tensions between Israel and Iran continue to rise amidst their ongoing shadow war:

Israel finds itself perplexed as Russia continues to intercept “Israeli missiles launched towards Aleppo and Homs” and backs Iranian militias in the region:

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