News and Analysis (8/9/21)

Palestinian poet Darren Tatour exposes the horrors she faced after being imprisoned for her poems in 2015 …

… while the winner of the UN’s 2012 Humanitarian Hero Award languished in an Israeli jail though Israel, having “no proof to back their charges” keep “offering him release of jail in return for his acceptance of guilt”:

“Many Iranians, hundreds of thousands of whom have signed a petition opposing the new measures, have reason to worry: E-commerce through Instagram has opened doors even as the coronavirus has kept others closed”:

The IDF continues its policy of murder:

Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s secularization of social mores has been accompanied by repression “of all political rights, including freedom of expression, media, and assembly”:

A recent report reveals that Israel illegally arrested and imprisoned Palestinians in remote detention centers:

Since the Code of Hamurabi the world has taken step after step towards the establishment of freedom and equality through the rule of law. Now India has taken a huge slide backwards in Kashmir:

The Taliban continue their rapid expansion, seizing two more provincial capitals including “the strategically important city of Kunduz and Taleqan”:

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