News and Analysis 8/11/21

“[P]rominent civil rights, Jewish, and faith-based organizations and leaders today strongly denounced flagrant anti-Muslim animus targeting Dilawar Syed and his historic nomination for deputy administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)”:

After decades of lying through omission,  a more honest American discussion of Israel’s nuclear arsenal “could breathe new life into the distant dream of a nuclear-free Middle East”:

“Under the smokescreen of electoral redistricting, New Delhi is using gerrymandering to politically neuter the region’s Muslim majority”:

Elected officials, Republicans and Democrats alike, who have taken up Israel’s directive to punish Ben and Jerry’s are “exhibiting their pro-Israel bona fides” at the expense of all of our First Amendment rights:

It is becoming impossible for American Jews to “reconcile their liberal values with support for a state accused of committing crimes against humanity” by imposing an apartheid regime on Palestine …

… is that the explanation for Israel’s unusual decision to grant building permits to some Palestinian West Bank residents?

Shaikh Abdul Aziz was killed by Indian forces on this day while leading mammoth march to Azad Kashmir in 2008 against the economic blockade of the Kashmir valley by “the extremist Hindus of Jammu”:

“Researchers attribute the high suicide attempt rate to two factors: religious discrimination and community stigma — both of which, they say, prevent Muslim American communities from seeking mental health services”:

A Palestinian woman was hospitalized after being shot in her “lower body” near the northern West Bank city of Nablus:

Afghan officials say 3 more provincial capitals fall to Taliban amid US withdrawal as the “insurgents now hold 9 out of 34 provincial capitals”:






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