News and Analysis 8/17/21

U.S. intervention created the corruption in Afghanistan that made the Taliban takeover so easy in the end …

… but will the Taliban do any better than they did last time?

The Israeli apartheid regime’s colonial justice system continues to side with settlers as they reject another Palestinian petition that was done “in response to the illegal Avyatar outpost”:

The 11-day assault on Gaza may be over, but “unexploded bombs” are still killing those who survived the initial Israeli bombardment, humanitarian organizations and engineering teams say:

The following study questions the efficacy of US and European sanctions on Syria concluding that “the current model of sanctions is suboptimal, with a high likelihood that sanction targets can use evasive strategies to avoid any actual harm”:

To only win back the support of US Jews Israel must behaves in a manner “that is consistent with their moral frame of reference” meaning that “it would have to end its military occupation, dismantle its apartheid regime and reverse its racist laws”:

Similar to the tactics they employed during Vietnam, U.S officials continuously lied  “to justify the U.S’s endless occupation of the country” as well as to “concoct a pleasing fairy tale about why the prior twenty years were not an utter waste”:






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