News and Analysis 8/23/2021

Pro-Palestine activists staged a protest outside an Israeli arms manufacturer’s plant in the borough of Oldham, UK, as part of their nationwide campaign against one of Israel’s “largest arms manufacturers”:

Mohammed El Halabi was accused of “stealing relief money and giving it to Hamas for their war effort against Israel” yet five years later, the evidence against him looks seriously flawed:

The so-called “forever war” (better used to describe “the expansive American commitment to deploy force across the globe in the name of fighting terrorism”) is by no means ending simply because of America’s incompetent and overdue withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan:

“A lot of people, because they lacked confidence that Kabul would be able to save them, capitulated.” More and more people chose this route, “so there was very little fighting, which is why it suddenly happened so fast”:

“For almost two decades now, billions of dollars in corruption proceeds have been funneled from Afghanistan, a country devastated by four decades of conflict, to Dubai” consequently stunting Afghanistan’s economic and political development:

“It has also been found that activists of Popular Front of India (PFI) and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) had come to Indore and instigated the youths for such incidents”:

“Earlier, pro-independence group JKLF and socio-religious group Jamaat-e-Islami were banned and their leadership arrested in 2019, ahead of the Centre’s move to end J&K’s special constitutional position in August that year”:

Israeli airstrikes on high-rise buildings in Gaza “left dozens of people homeless and destroyed scores of businesses” according to the HRW, before calling upon Israel to produce evidence to justify the attacks:

Nearly 6,000 cadre of the Haqqani Network, an important faction of the Taliban, have taken control of Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul:

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