Why No Success in the Egyptian Mediated Negotiations?

Why no Success in the Egyptian Conducted Negotiations?

Here are my answers to questions from PressTV as to the negotiations between Israel and Hamas.

Q.  Why is Israel unable to achieve any viable conclusion in it’s conversation with Hamas?

A. The most important of the many impediments to a viable negotiation between Israel and Hamas is that they are not speaking directly but rather through the Egyptian intermediary. The pressure that Egypt is under from the United States to favor Israel combined with the Egyptian administration’s own fear that any success Hamas may achieve may give credibility to its own domestic Islamist opposition makes them incapable of being an honest broker.

Q. Given the U.S economic crisis, is it possible for the U.S. to have an effective role in this crisis?

A. The U.S. cannot be effective until it abandons its policy of unconditional aid to Israel. This aid to Israel, as well as reckless imperialist adventures conducted at the behest of the neoconservative supporters of Israel, have contributed to America’s financial crisis. Placing America’s own interests first can help solve both America’s financial crisis and restore to America the respect it needs to be an effective intermediary in the crisis.

Q.  Do you think Egypt is will regain it’s lost position status by mediating between Hamas and Israel, what do you think about that?

A. Egypt has an opportunity to gain prestige from a successful intermediation, but for the reasons stated above, such success seems unlikely at this time.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute






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