News and Analysis 3/2/23

March 2nd, 2023

Israel support for settler violence is not tacit at all:

Iran isn’t the only country where people are protesting custodial deaths:

To “suggest Palestinian children should not be seen or heard because the expression of their reality ‘discriminates’ against Jewish people – or Israelis – feels extremely dangerous”:

Four organizations “are calling on the international community to take action to stop forced organ harvesting in East Turkistan”:

The school suspended “a Black female Muslim [who] reportedly fought off the physical advances of a white male classmate” while giving the molester mere detention:

“To come forward as a witness in India is an act of extreme bravery, possibly madness, because witnesses are themselves on trial”:

“The Biden administration is appearing to endorse Israel’s escalations against Iran — a move that would necessitate U.S. involvement in a new Middle East conflict no one wants”:

“In many cases the signed and stamped voter tallies at the polling units differed from the results registered at the INEC collation center”:

“[T]here are no longer contiguous lands on which a viable Palestinian state can be established”:

News and Analysis 2/28/23

February 28th, 2023

Vengeance is ours sayeth the settlers …

… as the U.S. finally concedes that the IDF, “police, [and] Israeli security personnel often did not prevent settler attacks and rarely detained or charged perpetrators of settler violence”:

“Has Boko Haram come to Iran?” — former Vice-President Mohammad Ali Abtahi:

The opposition claims the election was “marred by widespread violence, rigging, intimidation of voters, doctoring of results and violation of the laid down electoral process”:

“The longer the war lasts, the more powerful the Houthis are likely to become”:

“[T]heir worship and their practice of Islam — was taken away in order to make them docile and obedient to inhumane treatment”:

Despite the promise in its Declaration of Independence, Israel has no constitution to this day lest it impede supremacy of “Jewish demography” over “human and civil rights”:

“Those who dare to criticize the government now face much heavier consequences than before, with charges based on even minor Twitter remarks resulting in jail terms ranging from 15 to 45 years”:

“From the right to choose what to wear, to the right to education and work, Indian Muslim women are at risk of losing it all”:

“She served as the Americans with Disabilities judge for the Sacramento County Superior Court Hall of Justice and created the first Indian Child Welfare Act courtroom in Northern California”:

News and Analysis 2/26/23

February 26th, 2023

Following the precedent of fellow populists in the white West, Kais Saied comes down hard on blacks and immigrants:

Unless the third party candidate wins, the tradition that the presidency alternates between Christians and Muslims and that the VP be of a different religion than the president will be broken:

How was “an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, best-selling author, lecturer, intellectual, and media commentator … duped … by a man who has been indicted on corruption charges”?

Iranians call for abolition of the death penalty, just litigation, the end of impunity for political crime perpetrators, reconstruction of a completely independent judicial system, and acceptance of diverse narratives:

To Shawcross bad Muslims are those who “critique … Zionism, [oppose existing] domestic and international policies, [or favor] conservative religious views, etc.”:

Saudi Arabia, “unlike Qatar, is unlikely to engage with its critics and adopt some reforms, including” relenting on its  changes to its “crackdown on freedom of expression far harsher than Qatari restrictions”:

“[F]armers, workers and marginalized sections” are protesting government “attempts attempts to ‘take back’ what it says is land that has been “illegally occupied”:

They ask for including explicit protection for “the rights of religious groups, something they said 22 other states included when they passed laws” protecting sexual orientation:

Settler violence continues:

News and Analysis 2/24/23

February 24th, 2023

Settlers celebrate the carnage, but the Nablus massacre has outraged people in Palestine and the Arab nations …

… while the Palestinian Authority’s embarrassment at withdrawal of a UNSC draft resolution condemning the Israeli settlements just two days before the massacre may hasten its demise as Israel’s American-paid security contractor:

San Francisco declares putting the Eids on their calendar would show preference for one religion over others; (so, Christmas is not on their calendar?):

Settlers “torching homes, mosques, cars and olive groves” feel “confident knowing they have a “dedicated advocate in their corner — the attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, now Israel’s national security minister” …

… as Peace Now accuses Israel of “spitting in the face of the U.S.” …

… and Israeli Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich declares that “human rights organisations are an existential threat to the state of Israel”:

“In his tireless struggle for a genuine emancipation of African-Americans, and his loyalty toward the truth above everything else, Malcolm X was a true American Muslim hero”:

“Ilyasah Shabazz says US officials fraudulently concealed evidence that they “conspired to and executed their plan to assassinate” her father”:

Her “fight was against those who distorted Islamic teachings with the result that Islam got the label of the world’s most anti-women religion”:

“[A]nti-war Republicans are … concerned about the practical fiscal implications of unlimited wars” so “[w]hy is not even one congressional Republican adamantly questioning billions in annual aid to Israel“?

News and Analysis 2/22/23

February 22nd, 2023

“Politicians in Syria, Turkey, and the United States are getting in the way of relief efforts”:

“The Supreme Court can ignore our First Amendment rights, but we will continue to vigorously exercise them” — Arkansas Times publisher Alan Leveritt:

“Marcus Garvey … and the organization he founded, the Universal Negro Improvement Association, pushed for the creation of a separate Black state based on Islamic principles“:

The escalating Israeli violence …

… is motivated by a desire to promote Palestinian hardliners as “a pretext for the most radical and dangerous policies on its agenda”:

“Keynote speaker Angelica Lindsey-Ali, a certified sexual health educator and wellness coach, encouraged women to include religion and spirituality in their business plans”:

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti called for peaceful resistance to the property tax he says is “part of the BJP’s larger agenda of impoverishing the people of the union territory”:

A family relative claims vigilantes abducted the pair, “assaulted them and turned them in to a local police station alleging they’re cow smugglers. The cops refused to take them so the gang put” them in a “car and set it on fire”:

“The government recently gave thousands of pounds to a Christian group whose chair said Islam is ‘demonic’ and ‘spiritual wickedness’, the National Secular Society has found”:

Given the “popularity of alternative facts and the vigorous efforts to manufacture and disseminate revisionist, divisive and supremacist narratives of the past” makes the availability of historical documents all the more important:

News and Analysis 2/20/23

February 20th, 2023

As Israel begins its war on Jerusalem, Palestinians respond with a general strike …

… while Palestinians demand accountability for noncombatants killed in so-called “anti-terror operations”:

A Hindutva leader released on bail after calling for killing and raping Muslim women now calls on HIndus to “murder all Muslims in the country” …

… while another Hindutva leader  encourages Hindu men to “‘get’ or abduct 10 Muslim women as vengeance” “for every Hindu girl that marries a Muslim man or falls in love with a Muslim man”:

… and the American media, absorbed by the protests sparked by a death in custody in Iran, is oblivious to the death of a wage laborer from “injuries he had sustained due to torture by police” in India:

“[D]iplomats familiar with the conversations said that in his call to Abbas, Blinken reiterated an offer to the Palestinians for a US package of incentives to entice them to drop or at least delay the resolution”:

“Tajdeed says it does not question the Quran or the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, which are at the heart of Islam, but rather the opinions of religious scholars and others who came later, including modern-day clerics”:

Unlike “the pro-democracy opposition movements in Turkey, India or Brazil — or the [American] movement against Trumpism”, the movement in Israel is not for equal rights but “to preserve … liberal democracy for Jews”:

“If we are repatriated, we must be allowed to become Myanmar citizens. We cannot stay in reception centres”:

“[T]he strike, which hit close to an Iranian cultural centre, had killed 15 people including civilians”:

“Iran International TV has suspended its London operations and relocated its broadcasting to Washington, D.C. following threats against its staff”:

The Norwegian Refugee Council “calls on Israel to lift the siege and calls on donors to provide aid to help Palestinians rehabilitate their homes”:

News and Analysis 2/17/23

February 17th, 2023

“This law represents a very dangerous escalation. It only deepens the apartheid system that is in place and creates separate laws for Palestinians and Jews”:

“It’s clear I hit a raw nerve” — James Cavallaro,”candidate for an Organization of American States position [who] had said top House Democrats were bought and controlled by pro-Israel groups”:

Nations are around the world are appalled — and even the U.S. is “deeply dismayed” — by Israel’s flagrant contempt for international law …

… and as “the fascist new government provokes international criticism, Israelis grow nostalgic for the days when the state could act with violent impunity against the Palestinians”:

The Israeli army paralyzed him and then “refused to allow his family to build a home for him, despite the fact that the family was on their privately-owned land, and so they were forced to live in the cave” until his death …

… and unsatisfied with the extrajudicial killing of a terrorist suspect, now blows up his family;s homne …

… while in America a Palestinian victim of police brutality suffered “internal bleeding in his brain, a fractured pelvis, a broken nose and multiple bruises and lacerations” shortly before release “from hospital … for a hearing”:

Released journalist opines that Iran’s revolving prison doors serve a sinister purpose:

It’s not just for pro-Israeli propaganda; “a unit of disinformation operatives based in Israel” has “sold access to their software to unnamed intelligence agencies, political parties and corporate clients” …

… and successfully duping a veteran French anchorman:

A “‘charitable’ organisation that has long been used by the apartheid state for expropriating Palestinian lands and obfuscating Israel’s war crimes, acquired the private island for $21.5 million in an auction”:

news and Analysis 2/15/23

February 15th, 2023

Modi government moves fast to crush BBC after documentary exposes his plot to give Hindutva three days to terrorize Muslims and the subsequent murder and prosecution of witnesses to cover up:

Climate collaborations between Israel and Jordan “are serving to embolden the Israeli occupation, which remains unflinching in its denial of water rights to Palestinians“:

“Bin Salman puts religion at the service of his politics while protesting against the use of religion by his opponents” — Louis Blin, author of a forthcoming book on the Muslim World League:

An “anti-Palestinian stalwart … has taken a page from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his war against Black American history … [in] seeking to dictate to the New York Board of Regents wording around how Israel – and Palestine – is presented to students”:

Publication of the papers could reveal why Nehru granted the special status that Modi has now revoked:

“The European Union rejects this decision and reiterates its position that settlements are illegal under international law and that it will not recognize any changes to the 1967 borders other than those agreed by the parties”:

That not “one terrorism conviction resulted from the tens of thousands of police interviews in the aftermath of 9/11. That gives you a sense of how members of an entire group were seen as a racialized security threat, even though they hadn’t done anything”:

Israeli murder spree continues to climax:

His insistence on taking personal days so he could attend Friday prayers led the airline “to conclude that you are not suitable for this job”:

A “$2.5 million, five-year grant from the Lilly Endowment … will help launch programs that foster greater understanding of religious cultures in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East”:

News and Analysis 2/13/23

February 13th, 2023

“The ethnic minorities and refugees leading the community response in Turkey already knew not to rely on the government” …

… which “has provided periodic ‘construction amnesties’ – effectively legal exemptions for the payment of a fee, for structures built without the required safety certificates” …

… and observers note the threat to Erdogan in parallels today to the 2002 election that brought him to power that include not only “the aftermath of a massive earthquake” but “a financial crisis that was punishing its economy”:

Eight of the 44 Palestinians killed by Israel so far are minors …

… and the settler murder spree continues as Israel legalized more oif the outposts in  violation of international law:

“[T]housands of Iranians are also gaining experience standing up to authorities and navigating the prison system, which could become a grim asset for the decentralized movement”:

The “policy change … allows departing detainees to take their work with them”:

Congress looks to promote a once-designated terrorist “despised and hated by Iranians across the political spectrum”:

Israeli authorities locked up so many “Arabs between the ages of 16 and 55” that the number of Palestinian non-combatant detainees ‘far exceeded’ those of Arab soldiers in regular armies or bona fide POWs”:

“So far, India, like China, has benefited from Muslim-majority states emphasizing national interests rather than communal and identity concerns. However, that may prove to be a fragile proposition”:

News and Analysis 2/11/23

February 11th, 2023

The new Israeli government’s “founding documents state unequivocally that the Jewish people have an ‘exclusive and indisputable right to all parts of the Land of Israel'”:

The government land seizure “has left people in the Union Territory worried as they fear their homes and business establishments will be bulldozed as documents and lease deeds are being ignored”:

Israeli special forces murder five Palestinians, including two unarmed barbers in their way home from work:

“More than a fifth of all web blackouts [in 2022] took place in Kashmir”:

Activists and journalists recently released from Tehran’s Evin prison include …

“The bodies of at least 580 suspected rebels killed by Indian forces were denied to families for proper funerals since April 2020”:

“The act was seen as a form of reciprocation after an NRI linked with the temple, Pradeep Kumar, helped the jamaat secure land for expansion several years ago”:

Justice Vaishnav is “infuriated … because the owner ‘is being hounded and thwarted in the attempt to enjoy the fruits of the property which he successfully purchased”: