Voter Suppression in Jerusalem

May 22nd, 2021

[The following letter to the editor was submitted to The Washington Post on May 5. The editors elected not to  publish it.  We are pleased to print it here]:

The Washington Post editorial “An election fiasco leaves the Palestinian government weaker than ever” (5/3/21) tries to blame the Palestinian leadership for the delay in the elections saying, “Mr. Abbas indefinitely postponed the elections on Thursday, citing as a pretext Israel’s failure to confirm that it would allow a few thousand Palestinians to vote in East Jerusalem.”  The number of Arab Jerusalem voters Israel insists of disenfranchising is actually hundreds of, not “a few,” thousands. I am certain that were some American politicians to refuse to allow hundreds of (or even “a few”) thousands of black voters from an election the Post would understand it was the cause of, rather than a pretext for, the angry reaction it would surely provoke.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad
Minaret of Freedom Institute

News and Analysis 5/21/21

May 21st, 2021

A cease fire between Hamas and Israel does not stop the IDF attacks on civilians in Jerusalem:

His grandfather “poured his life saving’s into purchasing an apartment in the tower” after Israel forced him to move, and now the Israelis have bombed that home to oblivion …

… “Israeli law allows Jews to reclaim these grounds lost in the 1948 war; it does not allow Palestinians to reclaim property they lost in that war”:

Young people, progressives, and anti-racism activists increasingly back the Palestinian cause:

The Associated Press caves to Republican  demands that a newly hired Jewish reporter be fired for criticizing media bias on the apartheid state:

The historic and ideological links between the Hindutva ideology and Zionism are becoming increasingly obvious:

A 100-year-old mosque was demolished by the local administration in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh citing a court order in the midst of tensions between the district’s Hindu nationalist Bharati Janata Party and the country’s Muslim minority:

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated on Tuesday that “Tehran and other world powers are in agreement that the major sanctions on Iran will be lifted”, though negotiations are still in progress:

As the civilian death toll in Gaza rapidly rises, the United States to proceeds to move forward with “a $735 million dollar arms sale” with Israel, amidst “violations of human rights and international humanitarian law perpetrated by Israeli forces”:

The series “probably owes more to Spinal Tap than it does to Goodness Gracious Me” and “it is twice as hard to be lighthearted when you have to bear the weight of representation”:

News and Analysis 5/18/21

May 18th, 2021

Palestinians go on strike  …

… as Israel continues its colonial agenda to displace and evict Palestinians from their homeland, the United States also continues to “ignore the bedrock principle of absolute equality in Palestine/Israel — for which it has never advocated” and thus continues to be a part of the problem, rather than the solution:

Reports from the UN indicate that over ten thousand Palestinians have been “forced out of their homes” in Gaza Strip, as the “the total death toll from Israeli strikes” in the Palestinian territory reaches 137:

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Gregory Meeks now says all Democrats wanted was a dialog about the issue, but the outcome suggests the dialog was a one-sided “shut-up and give Israel whatever it wants”:

Social media companies, from Zoom to Facebook and Twitter, remove ads for pro-Palestinian events and causes, suspend Palestinian accounts and make hashtags vanish …

… but a “group of Jewish Google employees is calling on the company to increase its support of Palestinians amid Israel’s deadly bombing campaign in Gaza” …

… and at gaming network IGN “more than 70 of the publication’s journalists, staff have condemned the “blatant disregard for the most basic standards of journalistic integrity and editorial independence” in deleting and apologizing for “a post linking readers to charities and organisations in Palestine”:

On Tuesday, Prothom Alo Senior Correspondent Rozina Islam was assaulted, arrested, and sent to jail “under a draconian colonial-era law that carries ridiculously harsh penalties” for collecting information “exposing corruption” in the Bangladeshi Health Ministry:

High profile reporters harassed by “far right Jewish-extremists” are now being granted security by Israeli television stations:

The major reaction from most Western countries has been to ” affirm unequivocally that they stand by Israel and its right to defend” its regime of apartheid and Jewish supremacy, while  the  Palestinian people are left with no choice but to face the constant tyranny and oppression on their own:

35 year old Christopher Beckham plead guilty “to harassing two Muslim girls and injuring their father with a knife” after being charged with a federal hate crime:

News and Analysis 5/16/21

May 16th, 2021

Press freedom advocates have sharply condemned Israel’s bombing of a Gaza building that housed the offices of Al-Jazeera and the Associated Press news agency, labelling it as “a brazen attempt to silence journalists covering the Israeli military’s ongoing offensive” …

… amidst international outrage sparked by headlines highlighting Israeli brutality and illegal war crimes against the Palestinian populace:

As thousands marched peacefully through the streets of Paris in protest against Israeli atrocities, French riot police “fired tear gas and used water cannons against protestors supporting Palestinians” under he French interior minister’s blanket ban on protests in solidarity with Palestine:

On Saturday, police in Indian occupied Kashmir arrested at least 21 protestors for expressing solidarity with Palestinians, including a graffiti artist who “painted a simple mural in support of Palestine”:

“[I]ncredibly disappointed and deeply disturbed” by the Biden administration’s response to Israeli’s violence in Gaza, CAIR joi s other Muslim groups in  boycotting the White House virtual Eid celebration:

U.S. and Iranian diplomats, currently negotiating via intermediary governments in Vienna, have indicated that an agreement is within reach under which Iran “could return to pre-sanctions production of almost 4 million barrels a day in as little as three month”:

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s reversal on previously labelled “bitter rivals” Turkey and Iran comes with the realization that the Kingdom can no longer count on “US political and military backing”:

Pakistani and Chinese “diplomats agreed to adopt a joint stance at all international forums for a peaceful resolution of the Palestine issue in the face of Israeli aggression” and China’s FM identifies the root cause as the injustice to the Palestinian people:

News and Analysis 5/14/21

May 14th, 2021

Netanyahu doesn’t think that 119 fatalities (including 31 children) and 830 injuries is enough; he promises more to come:

Prominent Democratic senators slam Biden’s “unwavering support for Israel’s security” (read: terrorism) policies even as he prevents the Security Council from calling for a ceasefire:

French President Macron sacrifices his people’s freedom of speech and assembly on the altar to Israel:

Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes “because they are built without permits” in a system that routinely denies Palestinians said permits is a system designed almost never to hold anyone accountable:

On Eid al Fitr, Kashmiris have extended solidarity with Palestine by wearing Palestinian flags on their shirts:

The US double standards on China’s oppression of Uygur Muslims highlights rather than excuses its culpability in the oppression of Palestinian Muslims:

Iran’s Press TV reports that “Hamas says it has targeted the Israeli regime’s Iron Dome stations and an Israeli air base which is used by Israeli warplanes to bombard civilian targets in the besieged Gaza Strip”:

News and Analysis 5/12/21

May 12th, 2021

Israel’s cascade of bombings brought the “total deaths resulting from the raids on Gaza since Monday to 26, including nine children” Furthermore, at least “122 people have been wounded in the air strikes” and many are in critical condition:

In the face of Israel’s atrocities, the US policy of unconditional support persists as “Washington subsidizes Israeli actions, arms the Israeli military, provides political cover for Israeli activities, and pressures Arab nations to advance Israeli interests”:

Twitter unaccountably restricted the account of a Palestinian-American writer covering the eviction of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem before reversing its decision on Tuesday …

… and Facebook-owned Instagram has not only “censored content about Israeli aggression” but “removed posts and blocked hashtags about one of Islam’s holiest mosques” on the absurd grounds that “they were associated with “violence or dangerous organizations”:

How a Ziojnist donor’s warning to a high level university official that hiring a scholar who has researched the Israeli occupation “would damage university reputation” led to a reversal of the university’s original decision to hire her:

The United Kingdom announced measures to suppress the (BDS) campaign against Israel by banning the general public from launching their own boycotting campaigns against the apartheid state:

The official census states that “only four of Jammu and Kashmir’s 20 districts are Hindu majority, the rest being Muslim majority,” yet:

Sara Zemmahi was barred from running in a local election by “French President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling centrist party, the La Republique en Marche (LREM) party” after she was photographed in a hijab for a campaign flyer:

Pakistan and Turkey are both calling for an emergency OIC meeting and for the UN to condemn Israeli brutality against innocent worshippers at the Al-Aqsa mosque citing “the killing  of children, as well as forced evictions”:

Iran’s move to enrich uranium to 63%, which experts say “is a short technical step away” from weapons grade uranium, may complicate the ongoing Vienna talks:

News and Analysis 5/10/21

May 10th, 2021

Insulted that the by the question posed to the former military prosecutor, Army captain in Iraq, and assistant U.S. Attorney, “What do you know about Sharia Law,” Muslims are even more insulted by his answer, “Nothing”:

Violence against Palestinians rises in Jerusalem …

… and Hamas launched rockets into Israel as retaliation against “the crimes and aggression” in the Palestinian East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah and at the Al-Aqsa Mosque…

… to which Israel responded by launching air strikes against Gaza on Monday, killing “nine Palestinians, including 3 children” according to the Gaza Health Ministry:

A doctoral candidate in political science conducting interviews on American Muslim participation in politics found that “virtually every participant” referenced government surveillance and “its impact on their daily lives”:

Negotiations that could potentially save the 2015 Iran nuclear deal are coming to a “crucial stage” according to the EU foreign affairs chief:

The Taliban declare a 3 day ceasefire to “mark the three day Eid Ul-Fitr holiday” as US troops continue their withdrawal:

The NSF wants “to help victims understand that their anti-Muslim experiences and victimization are important to report to the authorities and are not experiences that should be tolerated by any members of a group”:

11 of the 16 Muslim employees of a coronavirus war room … suspended after [a] Bharatiya Janata Party leader … accused them of being complicit in a bed allocation scam on communal lines” are reinstated and the five others “refused to join back, saying they found the entire experience ‘traumatising'”:

The Sheikh Jarrah controversy highlights Israel’s apartheid position property rights: they are for Jews, not for Muslims and Christians:

News and Analysis 5/8/21

May 8th, 2021

An Iraqi woman passed up the opportunity to escape the war zone, saying “I don’t want to be here while my children and grandchildren will face death by the airplanes, which will destroy everything”:

The viral video shows two female students “yelling racial slurs and profanities as they rip her hijab off her head,” provoking protests that “the school did not do enough to prevent it or to help the victim afterward”:

Can the West catch up with countries like Algeria, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bosnia & Herzegovina in the art of public female Qur’anic recitation:

As Israeli courts dawdle over Palestinian demands that their property rights be recognized, the violence  against the Arab under Israeli jurisdiction accelerates, both from settlers and Israeli forces …

… US Congresswoman Betty McCollum’s bill to prevent use of almost four billion dollars in annual US aid to Israel from going towards “abuses against Palestinian children, the destruction of Palestinian property, the removal of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank” provokes debate:

An Iranian lawmaker warned on Friday that Iran’s parliament would “further restrict UN nuclear watchdog’s access” to its nuclear facilities if significant progress was not made by May 24th:

News and Analysis 5/5/21

May 5th, 2021

In the face of Israeli forces arrests and “spraying skunk water, a chemically enhanced type of sewage water, and physically assaulting residents and solidarity protesters” …

… and in the face of the High Court’s contempt for their property rights, the owners insist that “these are our homes and the settlers are not our landlords”:

A prominent advocate for Kashmiri freedom “denied proper medical care” passed away “in Indian jail under squalid conditions” similar to “thousands of Kashmiris” arrested under India’s “Public Safety Act”:

A social science experiment finds German women discriminate against Muslim women who do not share their feminist beliefs while German men will discriminate against Muslim women in any case:

A United Nations arbitrations committee will be examining apartheid charges against Israel after allegations from “Israeli left-wing NGOs” as well as by “the US based Human Rights Watch” made headlines:

“The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) urged authorities in Chad” to abide “by the [Chadian] constitution and law, and the peaceful circulation of power via free and transparent elections”:

A Human Right Watch report, like reports from many other sources, finds Israel’s crimes against Palestinians have reached a severity that merits calling them “crimes against humanity” …

… a fact reflected in numerous news stories of recent days:

Mohammad Deif, a top Hamas commander warned Israel against attacks on Palestinian residents on Sheikh Jarrah after the neighborhood “was raided by Israeli forces for the second night on Tuesday”:


News and Analysis 5/3/21

May 3rd, 2021

Palestinian families that historically demonstrated kindness towards their Jewish neighbors are now being forcibly evicted from East Jerusalem by Zionist hardliners determined to cleanse East Jerusalem of non-Jewish Palestinians:

Shay Pinsker, head of offensive security at OP Innovate, a cyber security firm, believes the new wave of cyberattacks following the Nantaz centrifuge site explosion is an “Iranian attacker disguised as a Russian attacker”:

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers violently stormed the Nur Shams refugee camp in Tulkarem, launching tear gas canisters that caused “fires to break out in Palestinian-owned lands in the village of Fa’run”:

Rehab al-Horoub, a 60-year-old Palestinian woman, was shot and critically injured by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint before she “succumbed to her wounds on Sunday morning”:

Both Muslim and Jewish elites of Andalusia “claimed a combined aesthetic intellectualism called ‘adab’ … [which] signified refined manners, a finely tuned aesthetic sensibility, and cultural sophistication in the form of surpassing knowledge of the arts and sciences, and control of the discourses reflecting and conveying such etiquette”:

In five years Tasawuf Underground has helped over “120 people … recruited from the streets” incapable of holding down routine jobs “to become entrepreneurs” including one ” former street busker … now enrolled in law school” teaching “Islamic knowledge to former drug addicts at a government-run rehabilitation facility”:

After twelve Israeli armed forces raided his home towards the end of April, Palestinian journalist and father of five Alaa Al-Rimawi was arrested as “Israel fears he may influence public opinion” on Palestinian elections. Rimawi says, “They held a barbecue inside my cell,” spitting on him and forcing him to eat:

Since the beginning of the Vienna Talks, Israel has rapidly escalated its “Shadow war” against Iran with intent to thwart bringing Iran and the USA back to the nuclear deal:

Under International law, Palestinian refugees and their descendants “deserve the right to return to Israel” yet “the Jewish state increasingly denies any historical, emotional, cultural or material ties of the Palestinians to their homeland” in an effort to mask its “colonialist mission of land grabbing and ethnic cleansing”: