News and Analysis 1/24/23

January 24th, 2023

“Roth himself … [calls] on the university to take a stronger stance in support of academic freedom with regard to criticism of Israel—particularly for those who do not have the public profile he does” …

… and the drafter of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism deplores hatemongers’ abuse of what was meant to be a broad analytical tool into a narrow legal bludgeon:

The prohibition on non-Muslim students in Muslim schools is inflammatory in a country where “non-Hindu children are studying in Sanskrit schools [and c]hildren of every religion are also studying in missionary schools”:

Amid the ongoing avalanche of Israeli violence and oppression …

… the case of a Palestinian man shot to death after he lost his place in the vehicle check line for helping a driver with a flat tire is so outrageous that even the Israeli police admit it bears investigation:

Geert Wilders’ right-hand man wanted to give his anti-Islam rhetoric a factual grounding, but instead he found “Islamic answers to … Christian questions”:

Women’s access to education is especially important because, “women are the backbone of our [Islamic] society”:

“There are 221 cases against VDGs for alleged involvement in acts of violence such as murders and rape”:

“Deputy Minister Avi Maoz is establishing a government agency that aims to eradicate Israel’s secular identity”:

“[T]he mob entered a private flat at which a Hindu woman was celebrating her birthday with her friends … after hearing that five Muslim men and two Hindu women were there”:

The “AP and Shomrim have documented the money trail from New Jersey to imprisoned Israeli radicals who include Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin and people convicted in deadly attacks on Palestinians”:

News and Analysis 1/21/23

January 21st, 2023

”The Netanyahu government’s vindictive measures are not new, but are only more intense variations of Zionist and Israeli policies that have existed since the 1910″:

Erdogan’s departure would have consequences for Ukraine, Syria, NATO, and, of course, Turkey:

One of the world’s oldest Zionist organizations aims to eliminate Palestinian civil society:

The government’s position makes the UK a dumping ground for products rejected by the US under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act … and drives the CCP to continue … serious human rights violations”:

Israel’s war on love is a form of demographic engineering that targets both the romantic and filial variety:

Iran punishes a man who removes his wife’s head (8 years and two months) almost as severely as a woman who removes her own headscarf (ten years):

Hebron and Jerusalem demonstrate that the core issue  the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is power, not religion …

… but “, for Zionists – religious, secular or, even atheists – the war has always been or, more accurately, had to be, a religious one”:

“Moderate Muslims and militant Hindu nationalists are strange bedfellows”:

“Over the past week, Israeli occupation forces killed 8 Palestinians, the youngest being a 14-year-old boy, bringing the total death toll from Israeli fire, in the West Bank, to 18 in the first 20 days of 2023”:

News and Analysis 1/19/23

January 19th, 2023

It is illegal to deport a native for even an actual crime; Israel’s willingness to deport people for exposing human riots violations demonstrates the criminal nature of the state:

Judge says that when the only way to avoid Christian services is to return to your cell, it amounts to an ultimatum of “Be Christian or be penalized”:

Dean Douglas Elmendorf says his decision to deny Roth a fellowship was “a mistake” …

… but a man invited to join the Young Global Leaders  Network after his efforts to expand property rights in Palestine is suspended indefinitely for contrasting WEF silence on Israel with its solidarity with Ukraine:

Government “eviction of natives from the so-called state-owned land … has … raised fears that the authorities aim to settle outsiders to alter the demography of the Muslim-majority region” …

… and 24 of the 112 shutdowns last year were in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir:

“Calls have mounted in recent years, including among Israeli activists, for greater transparency about the conduct of nascent Israeli forces during the 1948 conflict”:

A Muslim human rights group says a court ruling forcing a woman born Hindu into Islam because her mother “unilaterally” converted her to Islam in childhood during a divorce violates the Qur’an:

The Israeli Supreme Court’s revocation of the appointment of a Netanyahu ally because of his criminal convictions may accelerate the new government’s plan to dominate the judiciary:

“Because sanctions prevented us from ever putting our equipment in Iran”:

Settler/soldier violence continues unabated:

News and Analysis 1/16/23

January 16th, 2023

If doctrine does cannot explain the Hamline controversy, racism might:

Israeli soldier/settler violence continues:

The Iranian-American “sentenced to 10 years in jail on spying charges that the US said were baseless” is protesting “the failure of the US to free him and other dual nationals”:

To understand the Zionists’ intense desire to suppress “Farha” one must understand the power of expressing the true  collective experience of a people as the fictional narrative of a single person:

Pakistan has been too focused on fighting the political challenge posed by the Taliban to confront the religious challenge:

News and Analysis 1/12/23

January 12th, 2023

Human rights activists, Palestinian Alumni of Harvard Kennedy School, and Kenneth Roth himself speak out against HKS’s “support for Israeli state-sponsored violence and apartheid”:

He didn’t believe the judges would really file charges, but then he didn’t believe the raid would happen in the first place:

“[M]isusing the label ‘Islamophobia’ has the negative effect of watering down the term and rendering it less effective in calling out actual acts of bigotry”:

Israeli violence continues …

… and Palestinian political prisoners (such as Marwan Barghouti) are transported along with hardened criminals in a bus with conditions that violate international humanitarian law:

“Hashemi has been jailed several times for making anti-government statements and participating in protests”:

“[T]he court will be offering its view on Israel’s attempt to make permanent what is meant to be a temporary military occupation”:

“Iran or Saudi Arabia – are more permissive of abortion than many American states are”:

“They are going to go to extreme lengths to avoid a sustained confrontation with the Israelis” — Aaron David Miller:

News and Analysis 1/9/23

January 9th, 2023

Homes, wells, young people, the PA, its own Arab citizens, and a PTA are among the targets of the apartheid state:

The silence of Muslim political thinkers stands “in stark contrast to the deeply egalitarian message emphasised in both the Quran and Mohammed’s teachings”:

The son of a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany now faces discrimination for not excluding Israel from his campaign to blow the whistle on oppressive governments:

“Both hijab bans and hijab mandates exist to control women”:

It’s more of the same as the Democrats replace Nancy Pelosi (if the Capitol “crumbled to the ground,” we’d still be aiding Israel with Hakeem Jeffries (“Israel today, Israel tomorrow, Israel forever”):

“When the Phules were thrown out by their families for promoting education among Dalits and other castes, Fatima Sheikh encouraged the couple to establish the first all-girls school … at her home”:

AI technology pretends “impartiality, while remaining flawed on topics, such as racism in politics and the Palestinian issue”:

News and Analysis 1/8/23

January 8th, 2023

At the time Tunisia’s presidency “denied US pressure to dismiss” its ambassador to the UN, who had “prepared the draft resolution condemning ‘deal of the century'”:

Amnesty International “said all of those facing death sentences had been denied the right to adequate defense and access to lawyers of their choosing”:

As Israeli continues it violence against the legitimate owners of the land and their children …

… the new national security minister expresses his pleasure that those who resist will not be treated moire humanely:

An exploration of Keralan Muslim women “redefining themselves within the Islamic traditions … on issues like widow remarriage, the right to property, the purdah system, and the Islamic ways of life … against the State and religious oppression”:

Poor representation of women and complete absence of Muslims makes the “managing committee [look like] a unit of the political party headed by the current government”:

The election of Muslim woman to the Wisconsin statehouse is a novelty …

… but in New Jersey a Muslim mayor who’s “seen both Democrat and Republican mayors who are Muslim win elections in New Jersey” says, “We can get over the stereotypes and biases if we serve our communities well”:

“[A]lthough the marriage is valid in Islam, if couples fail to register with Jais, their marriage is not recognised” leading problems “like dealing with their children who are getting married” and inheritance”:

“[I]t was the first time a cultural object has been returned to the Palestinian people from the United States”:

News and Analysis 1/5/23

January 5th, 2023

Sweden’s “progressive” child protection service has taken Muslim children away from their parents on mere suspicion of potential physical abuse and turned them over to sexual abusers:

MPAC declares its opposition to ” the ideology of compulsion in general” stems “not from a political or partisan perspective but from a deeply held sense of moral and religious obligation flowing from our Islamic faith and sincere commitment to God”:

The convicted terrorist’s plan to go to al-Aqsa raises concerns not only among Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, the UN, and a former Israeli PM, but even in the U.S. government:

A “stateless Palestinian who was held … in Juneau, Wis., … for overstaying his visa … says Christians were allowed to participate in unsupervised group prayer”:

A young woman held up with the Qur’anic commandment to all Mulsims, male and female, Iqra, which means Read!. Rather than take the advice, the Taliban took away her placard:

Israel continues its rampage of detentions, demolitions, expulsions, and the murder of children:

“France’s Foreign Minister … dismissed the outrage and said Iran ‘practices violence against its own population’ and, unlike France, doesn’t have freedom of the press”:

She “won a special election … after a hard-fought campaign scarred by Islamophobic attacks. She will represent the First Ward … [of a Minnesota] city of about 71,000”:

“If I hadn’t had the research background I have, … I would be afraid of basically all Muslim leaders in Sweden” —  Emin Poljarevic, associate professor of sociology of religion:

News and Analysis 1/3/23

January 3rd, 2023

The increasingly flagrant nature of Israeli racism may have no immediate effect on U.S. government policy, but its effect on the American Jewish community is visible in an open battle over free speech:

“Swedish authorities have rejected the allegations [of Islamophobia], saying they reserve the right to oversee private school activities.” Since the 1990s the private schools have been funded by the government:

India killed almost two dozen innocent Kashmiris per month in 2022, and so far in 2023 the pace is picking up:

“Ghaz?l? (d. 1111), in his treatise The Just Balance (2016), not only develops a model of critical thinking from the Qur??n itself, but he also coined the term from a Qur?anic verse, ‘And weigh with the just balance’ [26:182]”:

A 15-year-old and a 17-year -old are among those shot dead by Israeli troops:

Charges that night raids are really aimed at creating suspicions about Muslims are supported by an officer’s response to the question as to why the police had seized books, “What else can we do? We cannot return with bare hands”:

“Syria blamed Israel for an airstrike on Damascus International Airport overnight between Sunday and Monday” which is “the second attack on the airport since June”:

The Passing of Ali Memon

December 31st, 2022

Former Minaret of Freedom Institute’s board member Ali Memon passed away yesterday, leaving behind his wife Razia and two sons Kamran and Nauman. Today, I joined them and other members of his family and many friends at his burial where we prayed for him and put the earth over his grave.

Ali is remembered by his acquaintances for his ready smile and welcoming demeanor. We at the Minaret of Freedom Institute remember him for his dedicated service during a critical time in our growth when he appropriately used his oversight position as a board member to insure that we crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s. There is no doubt that his efforts made a difference in the success of our humble organization.

May God forgive him and grant him paradise and comfort all who love and loved him. To God we belong and to Him we return.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute