News and Analysis 9/22/21

September 22nd, 2021

What does it mean to “illegally covert” someone to another religion? We may never know because, after denying  bail to ten persons arrested on the charge, UP’s Anti-Terrorism Squad refuses “to provide details about those converted”:

It is a victory for transparency in a large military subsidy for a foreign country, but the one billion dollars demanded by Israel will likely be added to a different bill:

A n”Black, disabled Muslim … arrested, mocked and killed after trying to bring his service dog into a public restroom”:

“A large majority of the Palestinians, the poll found, believe that Hamas deserves to represent the Palestinians, while Fatah, the PA and PA security services have lost people’s confidence”:

That a prisoner has been appointed to succeed Geelani’s was inevitable since any free man to receive the appointment would have been promptly arrested:

“[I]conic symbols of Palestinian identity, including the olive tree, za‘atar or wild thyme, and the recently revived watermelon … will within decades be under threat from the effects of drought, criminally exacerbated by the effects of Israel’s occupation”:

It isn’t just that Mike Pompeo doesn’t respect property rights, he doesn’t even seem to know what ownership means:

Paranoia in Kashmir has gone beyond killing innocent civilians to shooting down Hindu cops:

Iranian collector Mohammed Afkhami estimates that 40% of Iranian artists are women “whose works give the lie to the myth that all Iranian women live painfully downtrodden lives, denied any meaningful form of self-expression”:

News and Analysis 9/20/21

September 20th, 2021

Despite the policy’s pathetic failure, one Israeli government after another believes that if you just kill enough Gazan civilians the armed resistance will go away:

“[T]he Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) disclosed … that 217 protesters were injured, including 35 shot by rubber-coated metal bullets and 182 subjected to suffocation after inhaling tear gas”:

The arrest of the escaped Palestinian prisoners has shocked, but not discouraged the Palestinian public which has raised their spoons in tribute to the daring escape:

Roger Waters says that when he saw 60,000 ecstatic fans turn into “lobotomized” robots “just because I suggested that they should stop treating the Palestinians like … swine” he realized that he “shouldn’t even have a cup of coffee in Israel”:

“Where once films showed Muslims as rulers, poets and aesthetes, they are now often portrayed as terrorists, gangsters and despots. To that list has been added the Muslim quisling – the kohl-eyed, generously bearded betrayer who aids the efforts of the Pakistani security establishment to attack India”:

News and Analysis 9/18/21

September 18th, 2021

Americans and Taliban  apologize for their respective “mistakes,” but victims on both sides have no reason to accept their apologies until they bring the perpetrators of the criminal negligence to justice:

Ellen  Siegal, a Jewish survivor of the massacre, firmly believes that Israel directed the Phalangists’ “cold-blooded murder of more than 1,300 unarmed Sabra residents” …

…. meanwhile, Israel plans to recover from its humiliation by attacking the residents of “Jenin, the home town of six Palestinian men who broke out of an Israeli prison”:

“In India, several states have outlawed brides or grooms from converting to their new spouse’s religion”:

Intimate knowledge of the land and how to grow things on it is one of the giveaways as to which people are indigenous to it, so they keep it secret from the colonizers and who for their part seek to deny its reality:

Experts warn that Australia’s “good nonproliferation record is relevant but doesn’t make bending nonproliferation rules a wise thing;” rather it is “a terrible precedent”:

“Conservative and reformist newspapers showed rare unity in welcoming the outcome of a conference in Dushanbe on Friday at which members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation endorsed Iran’s future membership in the bloc”:

“Imbibed with stories passed on from their parents and grandparents, and having grown up defending and asserting their identity in an often hostile environment, the Palestinian diaspora is now emerging with new tools to advance their cause”:

The text generating AI system GOT-3 is Islamophobic and pro-communist, refuting questions about the persecution of Uyghers with such propaganda as “The Communist Party has always supported the right of all ethnic minorities to observe their cultural traditions”:

“The stakes are extremely high for an app that Iranians could rely on to circumvent government surveillance and restrictions”:

News and Analysis 9/16/21

September 16th, 2021

“With the rise in global solidarity with Palestinians since the May 2021 Unity Intifada, United States policymakers and activists are calling for conditioning and halting US military aid to Israel”:

A man with a criminal record sent by the FBI to secretly record the private conversations of worshippers urges his victims to “bomb something”:

“Through online posts and media appearances, sibling activists Mohammed and Muna El-Kurd provided the world with a window into living under occupation in East Jerusalem this spring – helping to prompt an international shift in rhetoric in regard to Israel and Palestine”:

“The Israeli occupation authorities have responded to the village’s protests with mass arrests and violent crackdowns, killing seven Palestinians, including two children”:

“A group of more than 40 Muslim-American civil rights organisations in the United States announced on Thursday a campaign to boycott Hilton Worldwide over what they said is the corporation’s plan to construct a hotel on the site of a Uighur mosque bulldozed by authorities in China’s Xinjiang region”:

Facebook’s Oversight board “said the tech giant failed to answer all its questions around alleged censorship of Palestinian activists” after it declined to state whether or not Israel exerted any “unofficial” pressure regarding content under review:

Australian Muslim seeking to safely honor the dead during Covid by staying in their cars during burials are forced to leave by police. One of four men who refused to leave has been denied bond:

The recaptured escapee’s lawyer says “his client … is being deprived of food, sleep and medical care while enduring intensive rounds of interrogation”:

“[T]hreatened with violence for saying he wanted equal rights for Palestinians and Israelis,” Eran seeks to “challenge the narrative fed to young Israelis, which, he says, drags them into a cycle of violence”:

News and Analysis 9/14/21

September 14th, 2021

The legacy of the 9/11 attacks includes weapons and guard dogs at American airports, the “Muslim ban,” unending foreign wars, extrajudicial procedures (including imprisonment without due process), and the politicization  of “terrorism” cases:

“[S]ome of the people who have been ordered to leave Israel were born” in the country:

“By sealing these important records, the Muhaymin family was hurt in their quest for justice and the press and public were robbed of an important conversation about systemic, anti-Black violence in the Phoenix Police Department” — Muslim Advocates staff attorney Sanaa Ansari:

“A Black Muslim lumber pack maker at UFP Industries’ plant in Ranson, W.Va., was subjected to persistent race- and religion-based harassment … [and] was ultimately fired because he is Black and because he filed a discrimination charge with the agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Monday”:

Hollywood loves dealing in stereotypes, and when it comes to Muslims they are allowed to get away with it:

“We have lived our lives constantly trying to control how we’re being perceived because that’s the only way we feel safe. And that’s a scary place to be”:

Her talent notwithstanding, “[a]s a Muslim woman wearing the hijab, Dembelé is not allowed to play in most sport competitions in France, including football”:

News and Analysis 9/12/21

September 12th, 2021

Better late than never: Will the ADL’s apology for opposing Cordoba House (and vilifying it as “the ground zero mosque”) inspire others to reconsider their bigotry?

A “Saudi national named Omar al-Bayoumi who helped [two of the hijackers] find and lease an apartment in San Diego … had ties to the Saudi government and had earlier attracted FBI scrutiny”:

Trumps withdrawal from the JCPOA has reduced Iran’s time to develop a nuclear weapon (one expert says to only one month) and Israeli sabotaged has destroyed monitoring records Iran was willing to turn over to the IAEA:

Iranian membership i the Shanghai Cooperation Organization would “effectively give Iran a veto should Saudi Arabia and the UAE choose to seek more formal relations with the SCO in response to a reduced US commitment to their security”:

“Since Monday’s jail break from Gilboa prison in northern Israel, the army has poured troops into the occupied West Bank for a massive manhunt”:

The first foreign leader to meet with Iran’s newly elected president was accompanied by a “high level political and economic delegation”:

News and Analysis 9/10/21

September 10th, 2021

Twenty years after 9/11, Muslims and their friends are still reckoning with the aftermath:

As Gideon Levy exposes Israeli hypocrisy that glorifies the Acre Prison Break of 1947 while condemning the recent Palestinian jailbreak …

… Israel brutalizes pro-break demonstrators, bans family visits to prisoners, and arrests the families of the escapees:

Your tax dollars at work:

India admits that “at least 52 villages, a total of 3,700 families, will likely lose homesteads to make way for Ujh multipurpose project”:

“There are frequent clashes in the remote and mountainous border region between Iranian security forces and Iranian Kurdish militant groups opposed to the Tehran government”:

News and Analysis 9/8/21

September 8th, 2021

We have already explained in brief why most Afghanis cheer the American withdrawal, despite their previous unpleasant experience under Taliban rule.  For the gory details, read this:

Tunisia’s military is uniquely respected in the Arab world for staying out of politics, but now aspiring strong man Kais Saied has set an ominous precedent by sending soldiers and tanks to shut down the office of Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi’s office and the entire parliament:

“The late founder of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammad Omar, graduated from a Deobandi seminary in Pakistan, along with several other Taliban leaders”:

The  raids trigger “concerns of a further crackdown on press freedom in the [occupied] region”:

“Indian security forces are maintaining an armed guard around the grave of an iconic Kashmir separatist leader, amid mounting public anger over police footage of his funeral, which his family say they were barred from attending”:

Twenty year later the legacy of 9/11 still affects American Muslims:

The man Time magazine called  the “The Face of Buddhist Terror” has been freed and all charges dropped:

News and Analysis 9/6/21

September 6th, 2021

The far right and white supremacists were responsible for 73% of fatalities due to extremists in 2009-2018 and 57 of the 59 deaths due to extremists in 2019-2020, yet most of the billions of dollars on counterterrorism funding since 9/11 has been spent chasing after Muslims:

Notwithstanding the many Americans who “”wallow in bigotry against Muslims,” signs that the majority do not blame Islam for Muslim bad apples range from “from an American Muslim woman winning the Miss USA pageant .. to the lengthening roster of Muslims elected to public office“:

One of the “more than 80 … journalists, writers and influencer” victimized “on a mock app called Sulli Deals, a derogatory term for Muslim women typically used by right-wing Hindu men” says Indian men are threatened by assertive women and “vocal, outspoken Muslim women are the biggest level of threat in their eyes”:

Israel tries to leverage America’s default on the nuclear deal to provoke a war with Iran:

Partial restoration of Internet services on Friday did not include mobile services and “restrictions on mobile data connectivity will continue in Srinagar and Budgam”:

“Police in Indian-administered Kashmir have opened a case against the family members of late resistance leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani under a harsh anti-terror law for allegedly raising anti-India slogans and wrapping his body in the Pakistani flag, officials say”:

News and Analysis 9/4/21

September 4th, 2021

The death of a peaceful advocate of Kashmiri self-determination provides India with a pretext to double down on its repression:

New Zealanders distinguish between the lone wolf responsible for the ISIS-inspired attack and New Zealand’s  broader Muslim community which  raised over $11,000 for the victims overnight:

“Unprovoked attacks on Muslims by Hindu mobs have become routine in India, but they seem to evoke little condemnation from the government”:

Experts are “‘seriously concerned’ that the 48-year old’s confession was forced as a result of torture and ill-treatment”:

Iran’s new president is not the only obstacle. It is unlikely that Biden is “willing to spend the political capital that is required for” a return to the JCPOA: