News and Analysis (1/25/21)

January 25th, 2021

Biden administration want to take the JPOCA is a starting point with or without Israeli input: 

The perpetrator started with a string of anti-Muslim slurs, proceeded to robbery, and finally to a death threat:

A Muslim ethicist says the Islamic yardstick for regulating AI should be “falah” (spititual success) which means, first of all, “Do no harm”:

College professor is being sued for framing terrorist as “absolute mandate of Islam”: 

Salah says that reflecting on his brother’s survival of the 9/11 attacks made him realize that god meant for him to pursue his passion for football:

The EU has been invited to observe and monitor Palestinian election between groups such as Hamas and PA:

Anti-Muslim law in which the French government can intervene in everyday lives of Muslims is close to submission to the National Assembly:

Parallels between the Middle East and the US are analyzed through the effects of the Arab Spring and recent American politics:

Iran says it is willing to address Saudi concerns:

News and Analysis (1/22/21)

January 22nd, 2021

President Biden’s repeal of the “Muslim” travel ban brings positive comments from Muslims around the country:

Five members of the French Council of the Muslim Faith signed on, but three groups refuse, citing the charter’s “prejudicial …, accusatory and marginalising tone,” fearing it will “weaken the bonds of trust between the Muslims of France and the nation”:

Sharia courts in Nigeria face a backlash for charging people for blasphemy:

As the president of the Pakistani-administered Kashmir, points out Muslim persecution in Kashmir and other parts of India,  a British MP urges parliament to work with the UN and investigate alleged Kashmiri genocide since the special status was revoked:

As Muslim representation in media increases, so does misrepresentation. Says one critic, “Netflix is that one kid at school who thinks Ramadan is a country”

Despite the fact the the US and Iran are both waiting for the other to make the first move on restoring the JCPOA, Iran anno0unces a return to status quo ante oil production:

Foreign Muslim intervention resulted in death of many Serb prisoners in the war more than two decades ago, and a Bosnian commander is now convicted of “failing to prevent or punish atrocities against” them:

Iran blames the cryptocurrency miners for outages, but they claim the government is making them a scapegoat for badly outdated electricity infrastructure:

News and Analysis (1/20/21)

January 20th, 2021

As Biden enters office, there are several challenges his administration needs to overcome regarding Iran:

Israel censors groups like B’Tselem who describe the country as an “apartheid state” from teaching at schools:

Then NSA chair John Bolton reported that when Trump was trying to negotiate a trade deal with China he greenlighted the detention camps; now, on his last day, Mike Pompeo releases an official statement recognizing Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang: 

There is a legitimate debate in Islam over whether all interest is usurious, but the Diyanet’s granting of a monopoly on home mortgages to state banks is not moderation, it is statism:

French Prime Minister rejects proposal to “outlaw religious veils for children”, which could indicate future changes to current Islamic face-covering ban:

Studies show that GPT-3, the most advanced text generator to date, trained not “on real-world fact-checked data, but instead on human sentiments derived from places like Reddit,” has a significant anti-Muslim bias:

Boston-based political scientist who has been lobbying U.S. officials on foreign policy was arrested by the FBI for secretly working for Iran:

Archbishop of Greece makes Islamaphobic comments at a televised speech that “Islam is not a religion but a political party and its followers are people of war”:

Iran blacklists Trump and former senior officials for “their role and participation in terrorist and anti-human rights acts”:

News and Analysis (1/18/21)

January 18th, 2021

Egypt seizes assets of Muslim brotherhood members using a 2018 law regarding “organisation and management of the assets of terrorists and terrorist groups”:

22-year-old Muslim is elected into office to serve on local Board of Education reflecting increased Muslim involvement in politics:

Joe Biden is confirmed to sign several executive orders soon after inauguration, such as returning to JCPOA and overturn Trump’s “Muslim ban”:

Hamas and the EU welcomed the announcement, but Palestinian citizens are divided as to whether “elections held under present conditions would not be fair and free” and whether Hamas or Fatah would accept a victory by the other side:

Indian Government mishandling of land in Delhi following the Partition of India has led to modern segregated communities:

A year after having been cleared of charges in court and “three days after the killing of a leading nuclear scientist and senior defense official” blamed on Israel, an Iranian-American is abruptly convicted without trial and sentenced to ten years in prison:

Nine Muslim federations have agreed to denounce “female circumcisions, forced marriages, “virginity certificates,” racism, and anti-Semitism” and to distance mosques from “nationalist speech defending foreign regimes”:

BJP had to apologize over an attempt to leverage a dispute over wewlfare3 benefits into a wedge between the Christian and Muslim communities:

The victory for women’s rights will, according to one activist, allow Muslim women in the area “to pursue studies, to be a normal part of society, be financially independent, and follow their dreams about what they want to to become”:


News and Analysis (1/15/21)

January 15th, 2021

Truck parked near US Capitol during last week’s riot had a threatening message singling out Andre Carson for being one of the few Muslims in the US Congress:

Fairfax County is being sued for when Muslim school board member was pulled over, pepper-sprayed, and forced to take off her hijab:

Cracking down on the losers of last November’s elections, Jordan confirms that the Muslim Brother has been “dissolved and lost its legal status” in a move to deny competition “to the state’s previous political levers, the tribes and the army”:

As Pompeo piles more lame duck sanctions on Iran …

… and over two dozen VoA employees demand “the immediate resignation of their new director and his top deputy” for allowing Pompeo to commandeer the outlet for a propaganda event, counterterrorism officials and Russia’s challenge his claims:

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) released report regarding China’s involvement with Uyghurs indicating possible US intervention in the future:

As WhatsApp users look for alternatives following recent security and privacy changes, both Turkey and Iran take advantage of the situation to promote their own messaging apps for potential censorship and spying:

The application of India’s 14-year old Forest Rights Act to occupied Kashmir may be a silver lining for Kashmir’s forest nomads:

As Pakistan claims a diplomatic victory as British parliament addresses the crisis in Indian-occupied-Kashmir, and calls for the US and EU to do the same …

… a Biden appointment signals a potential for an improved US policy:

Sweden, which authorizes itself to judge crimes in other countries against non-Swedes,  recently arrested an Iranian national for alleged involvement in the 1988 mass execution of political prisoners in Iran:

News and Analysis (1/13/21)

January 13th, 2021

Contradicting past U.S. intelligence officials description of a complicated and tense relationship between Iran and Al Qaeda, Pompeo accused the nation of actively supporting the extremist group:

Days after Trump was banned from Facebook, the tech giant bans Iran’s state media, Press TV, without “any warning or explanation.” Press TV credits their criticisms of the West and Israeli occupation for their ban:

SCOTUS declines to intervene in Muslim flight attendant’s claim that she was fired for not wanting to serve alcohol:

Another popular Muslim prayer app, Salaat First, is caught selling data off to entities linked with ICE:

Palestinian activist is taken off terrorist list prepared by Israel after a two-and-a-half-year case:

Israel has set a historical precedent of persecuting Palestinians, resulting in unequal distribution of vaccines. Experts say Israel won’t be able to fulfill herd immunity without providing the Palestinians under occupation with vaccines:

State prison guard is being investigated for posting Islamaphobic content on social media, showing that “there is a nexis between the far right-wing in this country that has morphed into terrorists and law enforcement”:

“His legacy will be one that’s recorded in history as having played a massively outsized role in making politics of the US and Israel much worse than they would be otherwise” — Yousef Munayyer, non-resident senior fellow at the Arab Center DC:

“Never say, ‘Why me?’ Say, ‘What for?’ … I have found my purpose in life”:

News and Analysis (1/11/21)

January 11th, 2021

Noting that since 2015 Afghani civilian and military deaths are more than 400 times the number of Americans military deaths, President Ghani hopes that Iranian-American negotiations will coincide with U.S. troops withdrawal:

After Palestinian groups warned against Israel utilizing the last bits of Trump’s presidency for more illegal settlements, Israel releases statement stipulating the confiscation of 1,008 dunums of land:

Iran gives Biden until Feb . 21 to change U.S. policy …

… and as media speculate a potential attack on Iran by President Trump, Iran’s envoy to the UN remains calm:

Officials at a London school demand a girl who has worn an ankle-length skirt for years to choose between wearing trousers or showing her legs:

In Kashmir “financial incentives have led to extrajudicial killings of innocent people” …

… and where Mick Jagger once jammed with local musicians, tourism now is crushed by Modi’s policies:

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was censored on Twitter after making negative comments regarding Western vaccines and some support the Supreme Leader to be banned from the platform:

“[T]here is consensus among all Palestinian factions about the need to unite for an honest election”:

Bangladesh authorities appear to be ignorant of he hadith in which the Prophet encouraged Aisha to perform an errand in the mosque despite her menses by asking her “Is your hand having a period?”

The US designates Yemeni Houthis as terrorist group as they continue to resist the Saudi invasion of Yemen:


News and Analysis (1/9/21)

January 9th, 2021

If Trump could think that a mob at the Capitol could reverse his election loss, might he not also “be so delusional as to imagine that [war with Iran] would be in the interests of the nation or region or even his own short-term interests?”:

As multiple Arab nations restore diplomatic relations with Israel, Algerian lawmakers take the opposite tack and have proposed criminal sanctions on all relationships with Zionist entities, direct or indirect:

As sanctions continue to hit Iran and it’s domestic COVID crisis, they have banned the import of American and British vaccines and have partnered with Cuba to continue the next phase of their vaccine candidate human trial:

“[S]he was ‘mentally worn down’ by people’s attitude to her and the fear that her daughters would be affected. But she insists she is grateful for the insight into how it feels to be a minority”:

France backs India in the Kashmir conflict, citing China for “break[ing] the rules”:

Iranian President Rouhani criticizes Western democracy and Trump for the incident at the US Capitol but hopes for change under Biden and refers to the U.S. as a “great nation”:

Iran’s “Parliament passed a law in November that obliges the government to halt inspections of its nuclear sites … and to step up uranium enrichment beyond the limit set under Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal if sanctions are not eased”:

Recent developments have resulted in dialogue between Israeli, Palestinian, and Egyptian diplomats ahead of the peace conference:

News and Analysis (1/7/21)

January 7th, 2021

As the Washington Post joins those calling for Trump’s impeachment for his role in encouraged demonstrators who then vandalized the Capitol, Iraq puts out a warrant for his arrest over the Soleimani assassination …

… while Iraq’s PM has “frozen” his adviser’s post after comments that Soleimani “actually believed himself responsible for Iraq” has caused controversy among pro-Tehran factions in Baghdad:

The three-and-a-half-year-long blockade on Qatar has ended:

Following protests from Muslims from across the world and the UN against (often secret) cremation for COVID-19 deaths since April, Health Minister confirms no plans of changing the policy:

“The situation in Kashmir is exactly the same situation in Palestine. If we recognize Israel’s takeover of Palestine territories, then we also have to recognize what India has done in Kashmir, so we completely lose moral standing”

In a Muslim-majority province in Thailand, local forces claim imposing Islamic law aligns with “constitutional clause on rights and liberties, since they are local laws made by and for the local Muslim community”:

When a school district in Maine adding Muslim holidays to calendar faces backlash from one School Committee member dissented as Jewish holidays aren’t counted as excused absences:

Police shield Hindus in an Uttar Pradesh village who have been constantly tormenting minority Muslims causing a mass exodus of the Muslim families:

As vaccines roll out in countries like India, scholars are showing hesitancy towards the vaccine due to potential pork gelatin while some groups, like Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, seek “to dispel all rumors suggesting otherwise”:

Another Muslim community rejects Asaduddin Owaisi’s political interventions, this time in West Bengal, where religious leaders accuse him of being an outsider “helping the BJP by dividing Muslim votes”:

News and Analysis (1/5/21)

January 5th, 2021

The bill, in the works since the Ahmadinejad administration, has been approved by President Rouhani and is waiting on parliament for final approval, but Human Rights Watch faults the bill for not criminalizing marital rape and child marriage:

Imran Khan and Pakistani government are arguing that India has shifted to backing terrorists in Balochistan, a key route to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project:

Iran renews its demand for Trump’s arrest and Trump decides to keep aircraft in the Middle East …

after Iran released a statement regarding restarting enriching uranium to 20% levels in the hopes of returning to nuclear deal:

America and PA have failed to attain Palestinian freedom, so journalist Ramzy Baroud recommend five New Year resolutions to shift thinking to a “new political landscape”:

As “Iranian funds [are] frozen in South Korean banks due to U.S. sanctions”, Iran seizes South Korean tanker and say it’s due to “polluting the sea”:

Fueled by far-right and neo-Nazi propaganda, Islamaphobic hate crimes are on a rise in Germany:

Pakistani wives of former Kashmiri militants ask India to deport them back to Azad Kashmir after not being allowed to return home after many years:

A year after the Ukranian-plane crash in Iran, “Ottawa’s special adviser on the Ukrainian plane crash blasted Iran … for its treatment of the victims’ families, including the “withholding of personal effects”:

Although the Muslim League has been credited with the “peaceful communal coexistence” in 26% Muslim Kerala, League MPs have “shown little regard in reflecting Muslim sentiment in Parliament” on certain major issues: