News and Analysis (10/17-18/09)

Envoy Khraishi says Palestinians want peace with Israel,but until they have a state with “East Jerusalem as its capital … our people will never forgive the international community if they leave the criminals and perpetrators of crimes to have impunity”: – Ibrahim Khraishi:

8 years after the US-led invasion, the only successful industries are driven by foreign investment or part of the illegal drug trade …

… Meanwhile, a run-off election seems eminent in Afghanistan:

Held by Taliban hardliners, a journalists finds “the tribal areas … to have superior roads, electricity and infrastructure” to supposedly less priitive parts of Afghanistan” and guards that followed “the tenets of Islam that mandate the good treatment of prisoners”:

As conservative Christians use Rifqa’s story to further an “extremist political, religious agenda”, Muslims are reminded that there is no earthly punishment apostasy in Islam:

Iraqi Shi’ite divide amongst three major political groups, those led by the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, those led by Al-Maliki and those led by Sadr:

Critics believe most of the 41 refugees refused entry were Kurds from northern Iraqi:


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