News and Analysis (9/5/19)

A “student … organized … petition supporting him … garnered more than 7,000 signatures” and his plight “elicited … support from … organizations including … the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education”:

The true purpose of the movement to equate any criticism of Zionism as anti-Semitic is to sparer Zionists of the impossible task of refuting the charge that Zionism is unjust:

“Hawks in Israel and America have spent more than a decade agitating for war against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Will Trump finally deliver?” …

… “[I]t is incumbent upon journalists to do in 2019 what we collectively did not do in 2003 [in the build-up to the Iraq invasion]: Check the facts, challenge the lies, debunk the myths”:

He was prepared to die defending his country, but ended up with PTSD from persecution by the Department of Justice:

The man who wrote what is “perhaps the most famous translation of the” Qur’an had an “understanding of Islam [that] was very liberal. He wanted a reconciliation between the Muslim and Western philosophy”:

“David Parnham’s campaign calling for Muslims to be ‘butchered’ sparked increase in hate crime” …

… while Vincent Vetromile, 20, was sentenced to seven years in state prison with five years of post-release supervision for his role in the plan to attack Islamberg, … located approximately 50 miles northeast of Binghamton”:

“The courier behind that intrusion … was an inside mole recruited by Dutch intelligence agents at the behest of the CIA and the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad”:

“[How long will we] accept the authenticity of hadiths that lack a chain of transmission [leading back to] the Prophet even though they contradict the Quran? Who benefits from [including] this hadith in our curricula…?”

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