News and Analysis (2/3/10)

“This is theft pure and simple” as Palestinians are taxed for social services they do not receive:

US officials remain skeptical of Ahmadinejad’s endorsement noting no officially reversal of the previous formal rejection of several months ago:

Dr. Siddiqui is a hero in Pakistan, and a guilty verdict in the face of the paucity of evidence against her could be the final straw in the long list of grievances Pakistanis have with the US:

The emphasis on reconciliation with Taliban leadership highlights the growing unpopularity of the war in the US and the perceived strength of the Taliban’s hold …

… even as military leaders believe they can demonstrate the effectiveness of a “‘clear, hold, build and transition’ counterinsurgency strategy”:

As Israel continues its assault on Gaza…

… Hamas vows revenge for the assassination of Mabhouh, even if it means targeting Israeli interests abroad:

His tone is intellectual and diplomatic, but the substance of Kissinger’s call is to perpetuate antagonism between Iraq and Iran:


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