News and Analysis (2/11/10)

Maliki’s use of the military in a political dispute does not bode well for the coming elections:

“At stake is who are the true heirs of Iran’s revolution and its first promises of ‘Independence, freedom, [and] Islamic Republic’”:

Jon Elmer report arrests that “are part of a wider plan being executed by Palestinian security forces – trained and funded by American and European backers – to crush opposition and consolidate the Fatah-led government’s grip on power in the West Bank”:

In the war against Shi’a rebels in the north, Yemen leaders have utilized radicalized Sunni fighters who share al-Qaeda’s rhetoric and intolerance:

The ironically named Center for Human Dignity, the Museum of Tolerance, would be built over a century-old Muslim cemetery:

As new revelations pour out of Blackwater misbilling the U.S. …

… Iraq has ordered the company’s personnel out of the country by Monday:

As Obama pushes forward on his missile shield over the Persian Gulf states:


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