Month: March 2007

  • News and Analysis (3/30/07)

    Iran sites military threats to its nuclear power plans: Fear of U.S. Attack Behind IAEA Cooperation Limit: Iran (Reuters) U.S. rejects “any suggestion that the British service personnel might be swapped for five Iranian officials held by US forces in Iraq since January”… Iran TV Airs British Sailor’s ‘Confession’ (AFP) … while a former CIA […]

  • News and Analysis (03/29/07)

    Bismark’s dictum “There are two things you don’t want to see being made—sausage and legislation” demonstrated  (No wonder Allah banned pork!) Senate’s Bold Proposal for Iraq: Sugar Beets and Rural Schools — in the U.S. (Washington Post) In a show of independence, Saudi King calls US presence in Iraq “illegitimate foreign occupation” Saudi: US Iraq […]

  • How Should We Understand the Place of the Qur’an Today?

    Sarah Swick, Minaret of Freedom Institute, In addition to the hijab issue discussed in my previous blog, another constant theme during the recent “Women in Islam” conference I attended in Germany was the role or place of the Qur’an in our lives. There were two perspectives presented at the conference: one position that emphasizes […]

  • News and Analysis (3/28/07)

    Sunni neighborhood is rampaged by rogue Shi’a cops and militias in revenge to Sunni militants’ devastating bomb attack in a Shi’a neighborhood two days earlier:  Shiite Cops Reportedly Rampage Vs. Sunnis (Associated Press)  Upset with their bloodthirsty recklessness, many local Sunni militants are cutting ties with Al-Qaeda and in some cases fighting them:  Widening Schism […]

  • News and Analysis (3/27/07)

    As Congress finds its sea legs and begins to take action against national security letter abuses… Senate Looks Into Improper FBI Spying (Associated Press) …the media now reveals Big Brother’s abuse of the secret FISA court system in providing inaccurate information for the search warrants… FBI Provided Inaccurate Data for Surveillance Warrants (Washington Post) …and […]

  • The Plague of the Hijab Issue

    Sarah Swick, Minaret of Freedom Institute, I was recently invited to represent the Minaret of Freedom Institute at an international conference in Cologne, Germany sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Foundation). The topic of the conference was “Women in Islam: Between Oppression and (self-) Empowerment.” The Conference brought together Muslim and non-Muslim women[1] from […]

  • News and Analysis (3/26/07)

    Former National Security Adviser to President Carter analyzes the devastating impact the concept of the “War on Terror” has had on America and the world: Terrorized by ‘War on Terror’: How a Three-Word Mantra Has Undermined America (Washington Post) Before leaving his post as US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad admits to talking with some […]

  • News and Analysis (3/24-25/07)

    Why do some youth leave Islam? Prof. Jeffrey Lang implores Muslims to confront issues of racism, treatment of women, the cultural divide, and “problems with traditional theology:” Save the US Ummah! (The Muslim Observer) Free elections mark Mauritania’s transition to a free society: Mauritanians Vote for Post-Coup Leader (AP/Washington Post) New Egyptian ‘reforms’ are “the […]

  • News and Analysis (3/23/07)

    While an amalgam of pork-politics and demi-criticism of the war passes 218-212 despite lack of support from some leftist Democrats and conservative Republicans… House OKs Timetable for Troops in Iraq: Bill Promptly Draws Veto Threat from President Bush (Washington Post) … the troops vote with their feet as the desertion rate approaches 1%: Army Revises […]

  • News and Analysis (03/22/07)

    Muslims fight back against grand jury abuse: Subpoenas Issued in a Terror-Finance Probe Spark a Secret Battle Before a Federal Court (NY Sun) Rather than simply relying on poor State services, African American Muslim communities are leading the way in providing needed social services: Religion Today (AP/Washington Post) In the name of the ‘Palestinian Cause,’ […]

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