News and Analysis (3/23/07)

While an amalgam of pork-politics and demi-criticism of the war passes 218-212 despite lack of support from some leftist Democrats and conservative Republicans…

… the troops vote with their feet as the desertion rate approaches 1%:

Iran demands “an “immediate explanation from London over the violation of its territorial waters…”

… as a French judge bans “Total chief executive Christophe de Margerie from meeting the former Iranian president and his son:”

Unity government threatened by continued violence:

The “new cadre of respected and successful pro-peace Palestinians who have joined up with compatriots in Hamas in the hope of reestablishing relations abroad and staving off a civil war at home“ provoke a new climate:

Still unwilling to address the Palestinians’ right to return to their homes explicit in the Arab League peace proposal, “in recent months, under U.S. prodding, [Israeli officials] have expressed support for a vaguer version of the offer once articulated by Saudi King Abdullah.”

Locals begin to show an end of patience with foreign militants:

Whatever the reason for their leaving, the end of hostilities was not among them:

Administration officials say that Gates argued that “Guantánamo’s continued existence hampered the broader war effort:”

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