News and Analysis (3/30/07)

Iran sites military threats to its nuclear power plans:

U.S. rejects “any suggestion that the British service personnel might be swapped for five Iranian officials held by US forces in Iraq since January”…

… while a former CIA field officer explains his take on why the Iranians captured the Brits:

Hicks plea bargains, will not be allowed to talk to the press until the Australian elections are over, a “a modern cutting out of his tongue” says the head of a legal advocacy group:

Residents call for the return of the militia to protect them from terrorists …

… while Americans and Kurds seem to be helpless against Iraqi government goons evicting Sunnis from their homes:

“Arab leaders reaffirmed their support for the Saudi proposal, which offers full recognition of Israel by the Arab states in exchange for a return of Palestinian land seized in the 1967 war, East Jerusalem as the Palestinians’ capital, and the return of Palestinian refugees to their former homes…”

… Olmert calls the “willingness of the Saudis to lead … interesting:”

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