Month: September 2015

  • News and Analysis (9/5/15)

    A capitalist’s solution to the refugees problem: Egyptian Billionaire Offers to Buy a Mediterranean Island for Refugees (Christian Science Monitor) A close look revels that “conservative” concern about application of “Sharia law” in the U.S. is actually antipathy towards individual liberty: North Texas Legislators Cry Wolf Again About Sharia Law (Dallas Observer) “Saudi Arabia is…

  • News and Analysis (9/3/15)

    “Mikulski said she was convinced that the agreement blocked all four possible pathways to a nuclear bomb and created “the most robust and extensive verification system ever provided” by the IAEA” … Obama Secures Iran Victory as 34th Senator Endorses Nuclear Deal (Guardian) … while Khamenei continues to profess neutrality, even as he presses for a…

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