News and Analysis (9/3/15)

“Mikulski said she was convinced that the agreement blocked all four possible pathways to a nuclear bomb and created “the most robust and extensive verification system ever provided” by the IAEA” …

… while Khamenei continues to profess neutrality, even as he presses for a vote:

Flaunting their ignorance of scientific error bars, Islamophobes (who once claimed the Qur’an was first compiled centuries after Muhammad’s death), now claim evidence of a manuscript compiled sometime between 64 years before and 13 years his death proves it was compiled before his birth:

A hearing board member says that the owner and the Muslim Community Center “failed to show there would be a hardship if the center did not stay in the building” but they have the law backwards: it is the board that must show that granting the variance violates a compelling state interest:

The video of the soldiers attacking the terrified eleven-year-old with a broken arm has gone viral, but the boy says, “The scariest moment of my life was not on Friday. It was when I was nine. The soldiers came to the village in the middle of the night and there weren’t any journalists to see”:

Even under the current  law, “a number of recent incidents have led to young Palestinians being killed by Israeli soldiers – including a brigade commander – while fleeing and posing no immediate threat”:

Sabith Khan’s pleasure at seeing a Muslim head of J Street’s youth wing is tempered by his realization that her “vision of Zionism is antiquated, if not completely misinformed and distorted. What is going on in Israel is nothing short of ‘ethnic cleansing’”:

“Gaza’s GDP dropped 15 percent last year, and unemployment reached a record high of 44 percent. Seventy-two percent of households are food insecure” as the Israeli-Egyptian blockade continues:

In rejecting “misogynist, maniacal and maddening … tribal custom” Muslims “don’t need fatwas to understand that rape and murder and corruption and tyranny are wrong” for “God commands justice and goodness and generosity, and He forbids all that is shameful and what runs counter to reason”:

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