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News and Analysis 7/6/22

Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

The U.S. assertions that “it was ‘likely’ Abu Akleh was killed by unintentional Israeli fire,” angers Palestinians by dismissing Israeli intentions and angers Israelis for hinting that they are culpable in any way:

“News outlets reported the deputy head of mission at the British Embassy … and other foreigners faced ‘spying’ charges after visiting various forbidden zones in the country while the Guard was carrying out missile tests”:

Tired of being called “foreigners,” speakers of local language are easy marks for BJP promises …

… despite the fact that not one of the almost 400 BJP ministers is Muslim:

The EU has awarded candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, less than 4 months after Ukraine applied, but six years after Bosnia’s application Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to wait:

Zionists are accused of violating the “First do no harm” clause in the Hippocratic Oath:

Offering tax money “to combat discrimination against atheists” could “be viewed as an attempt by ‘a foreign power designed to shatter local religious and cultural relationships'” and is opposed by both CAIR and some Republicans:

After two years in which “Only a few thousand Saudi citizens and residents attended the annual pilgrimage” a million pilgrims are expected this year from around the world (half pre-Covid levels):

The South African council ruled homosexual activity to be against Islamic law but warned Muslims to “hate the sin not the sinner” …

… while “[a]ccording to a 2008 British WikiLeaks diplomatic cable, Iran has executed between 4,000 to 6,000 gays and lesbians since the nation’s Islamic revolution in 1979”:

News and Analysis 7/4/22

Monday, July 4th, 2022

“Terms that have become fashionable such as Islamism and non-violent extremism constitute in [the author’s] mind part of the vocabulary developed to force Muslims into a cultural straight jacket”:

“[T]rucks laden with perishable fruits are stopped along the highway due to ‘security reasons’ … causing huge losses to the fruit industry”:

“Rights groups say Israel has a poor record investigating shootings of Palestinians by its troops”:

The Muslim who murdered a tailor in Udaipur … to avenge an alleged insult to the Prophet, was described by a local [BJP] and [RSS] leader as a ‘dedicated worker of the BJP’ in a Facebook post less than two years ago”:

An undocumented laborer who worked for Israelis, sleeping in the fields, returning home to his family every week or two, fits Israel’s definition of a terrorist:

“[S]he was scheduled to travel to Paris from New Delhi on Saturday for a book launch and photography exhibition as one of the 10 winners of the Serendipity Arles Grant 2020”:

Raiding “targeting populated Palestinian communities for arrests or searches. The practice, mostly carried out at nighttime, has become a routine under Israeli military regime” …

… as has demolishing residences …

… and settler attacks that now have sent a 70-year-old man to the hospital …

… and medical neglect of detainees that has now claimed the life of a 68 year-old woman …

… and the murder of teenagers with a “death toll [of] 28 of Palestinians killed in Jenin by Israeli forces this year”:

… yet a world horrified by Russian actions in the Ukraine pays no attention …

… rather, an NGO monitoring allegedly “neutral” social networks has documented 273 cases of “reference to occupation, violence and various other forms of injustices executed by Israeli authorities and forces” censored:

News and Analysis 7/2/22

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

In practice, “if you see something say something” is more like “if you see a Muslim or Arab going about their daily life, turn them in”:

Arrested on no charge whatsoever, tortured, beaten, “deprived of food and water, and prevented from prayingAsadullah Haroon Gul is released after fifteen years:

“The suspension has been lifted unconditionally and with immediate effect,” but Israel succeeded in depriving the human rights groups of one year of EU funds:

U.S. Senators express concern over allegations of persecution of Christians even as 21 Muslim children are rescued from kidnapping and forced conversion by “the Evangelical Church Winning All”:

When the Prophet (pbuh) was urged to inflict physical harm on a man who had insulted him, he refused, explaining, “‘If I were to do that, Allah will not forgive me on the day of [Judgment], even though I am his Messenger”:

Sandeep complains that authorities want to ban factual films that contradict “films peddling [BJP] propaganda”:

The destruction of a Palestinian cemetery in Jerusalem reminds Ilanma Hammerman of her mother’s birthplace in Poland “where even the remnants of ancestors’ headstones can no longer be found”:

A doubling in the rate “in executions has coincided with a series of nationwide protests over Iran’s economic collapse and the soaring price of basic food staples such as bread”:

The resolution recognizing Israeli apartheid passed 28-3 and the vote to “designate a Nakba remembrance day within their calendars” was 31-0: