News and Analysis 7/4/22

“Terms that have become fashionable such as Islamism and non-violent extremism constitute in [the author’s] mind part of the vocabulary developed to force Muslims into a cultural straight jacket”:

“[T]rucks laden with perishable fruits are stopped along the highway due to ‘security reasons’ … causing huge losses to the fruit industry”:

“Rights groups say Israel has a poor record investigating shootings of Palestinians by its troops”:

The Muslim who murdered a tailor in Udaipur … to avenge an alleged insult to the Prophet, was described by a local [BJP] and [RSS] leader as a ‘dedicated worker of the BJP’ in a Facebook post less than two years ago”:

An undocumented laborer who worked for Israelis, sleeping in the fields, returning home to his family every week or two, fits Israel’s definition of a terrorist:

“[S]he was scheduled to travel to Paris from New Delhi on Saturday for a book launch and photography exhibition as one of the 10 winners of the Serendipity Arles Grant 2020”:

Raiding “targeting populated Palestinian communities for arrests or searches. The practice, mostly carried out at nighttime, has become a routine under Israeli military regime” …

… as has demolishing residences …

… and settler attacks that now have sent a 70-year-old man to the hospital …

… and medical neglect of detainees that has now claimed the life of a 68 year-old woman …

… and the murder of teenagers with a “death toll [of] 28 of Palestinians killed in Jenin by Israeli forces this year”:

… yet a world horrified by Russian actions in the Ukraine pays no attention …

… rather, an NGO monitoring allegedly “neutral” social networks has documented 273 cases of “reference to occupation, violence and various other forms of injustices executed by Israeli authorities and forces” censored:






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