News and Analysis 7/2/22

In practice, “if you see something say something” is more like “if you see a Muslim or Arab going about their daily life, turn them in”:

Arrested on no charge whatsoever, tortured, beaten, “deprived of food and water, and prevented from prayingAsadullah Haroon Gul is released after fifteen years:

“The suspension has been lifted unconditionally and with immediate effect,” but Israel succeeded in depriving the human rights groups of one year of EU funds:

U.S. Senators express concern over allegations of persecution of Christians even as 21 Muslim children are rescued from kidnapping and forced conversion by “the Evangelical Church Winning All”:

When the Prophet (pbuh) was urged to inflict physical harm on a man who had insulted him, he refused, explaining, “‘If I were to do that, Allah will not forgive me on the day of [Judgment], even though I am his Messenger”:

Sandeep complains that authorities want to ban factual films that contradict “films peddling [BJP] propaganda”:

The destruction of a Palestinian cemetery in Jerusalem reminds Ilanma Hammerman of her mother’s birthplace in Poland “where even the remnants of ancestors’ headstones can no longer be found”:

A doubling in the rate “in executions has coincided with a series of nationwide protests over Iran’s economic collapse and the soaring price of basic food staples such as bread”:

The resolution recognizing Israeli apartheid passed 28-3 and the vote to “designate a Nakba remembrance day within their calendars” was 31-0:

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