News and Analysis (10/21/13)

“The protests come amid heated debate over a new law that would place tougher restrictions on demonstrators, which includes imposing heavy fines and possible jail time on violators” and after the “”military-backed crackdown has left hundreds dead and seen thousands arrested” …

… but the actions of “the civil political elite in Egypt … are not based on any moral or value-based system but more an expression of political opportunism and a desire to get rid of Islamists, even if the price is to create a military dictatorship. This is obviously apparent in the exclusionary rhetoric” and in their promotion of El-Sisi for president” …

… and after a Muslim attack on a church, one priest “told Egyptian media that the church had been left without a police guard since the end of June”:

Following “appeals by some members of the US Congress to tighten sanctions on Iran despite the nuclear negotiations and historic diplomatic breakthroughs last month,” Iran’s PM Ali Larijani said that the Iranian “parliament would not permit world powers to impose ‘special measures’ on the country beyond the obligations laid out by the U.N. treaty overseeing nuclear activity”:

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the leader of the Opposition coalition has issued a balanced and firm ‘no support’ for the ban unless if it can be established beyond all doubt that the intention by the published is malicious…. No human can be conditioned, threatened, warned, deprived, robbed or denied the right, freedom and honor to call upon the Almighty”:

“We are very much concerned about what is going on in this country. The Supreme Court decision does not ask police officers to look into the voters’ list and check what is there,” said Elections Commissioner Fuwad Thowfeek. “They kind of think they can be our bosses and we are an institution below them, and that they can dictate to us and control us”:

“The actions of the “Muslim Patrol” were condemned by the East London mosque, which described them as ‘utterly unacceptable and clearly designed to stoke tensions and sow discord‘”:

A pastor … held at Maiduguri’s Giwa Military Barracks after he and four others were arrested because weapons were found hidden in the factory where he works … described hundreds of naked people crammed into a cell meant for several dozen. Once a day, he said, a soldier would throw a loaf of moistened bread into the cell to be brawled over. Some prisoners died of torture”:

The instigation of violence by non-Muslim nations against Muslims is clear, Western and even in internecine conflicts there is evidence of Western involvement, as in the “dual containment policy” that fed the Iran-Iraq War, yet Muslims’ “refusal to take ownership of anything,” leads to impotence. “If everything is a puppet, not only don’t you take responsibility, you can’t!”:

“Security officials blame the surge in violence partly on a lack of cooperation from Sahwa fighters, who feel they were not rewarded as promised for taking on al-Qaeda during the U.S. occupation and have been left to face the backlash from the militants alone”:

“The 11 were accused by their captors, the Northern Storm Brigade, of being members of Lebanon’s militant Shiite Hezbollah…. Two of the hostages were released … [within] months but the fate of the remaining nine became mired in lengthy negotiations over the rebel group’s demand that the Assad regime release 282 women detainees”:

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