News and Analysis (11/1/13)

“Who are they to comment anyway? We got our own funding, we did not take any money from the government. Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Federal Constitution,” says temple president S. Anandakrishnan of the Muslim NGO “protesting the refurbishment work” …

… the latest demonstration of intolerance in a series by which Malays (who have no trouble tolerating “night clubs are full of young middle-eastern men and women enjoying themselves, whilst the casinos are full of middle-eastern men”) have betrayed the religious tolerance mandated by the Qur’an and embarrassed  the Muslim community:

 “This would be laughable if it didn’t pose a serious risk of prejudice to Oklahoma’s Muslim community…. And I think [the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training]’s reputation has been hijacked by conspiracy theorists and political opportunists” — ” Ryan Kiesel, the head of the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union:

The Taliban leader has been reported dead several times before, but this time he’ll stay dead — well, at least they’ve promised to bury him:

The new law was passed with input from Muslim and Sikh communities after a woman “given a six-month jail sentence after being found guilty of falsely accusing a senior constable of forcibly trying to remove her burqa when she was pulled over while driving” was later acquitted for lack of proof “she was the woman who signed the statement while wearing the garment”:

Beating their submarines into tourist attractions:

Notwithstanding their differences over the Assad regime, Turkey and Iran agree that sectarianism is the biggest threat to the ummah:

“The taboo [against asking for US help] has been broken. We do not have a firm grip on security so let’s ask our American friends to help us – not to send American troops but to help us with equipment, with technology, with advisers,” — including “armed drones for use against fighters in areas bordering Syria” according to an anonymous senior Iraqi official:

an Iraqi official, who said “Iraq’s request would include While denying Israeli responsibility for the aggression, an Israeli official nonetheless condemned the US for divulging its the fact that it had happened:

Destroying Syria’s chemical factories is one thing; destroying the stockpiles is another:

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