News and Analysis (11/29/13)

Egyptian justice is more blinding than blind. A policeman “convicted of shooting at protesters, deliberately aiming at their eyes … was sentenced to three years in prison” while the fourteen women “found guilty of obstructing traffic” while protesting the military coup “were imprisoned for 11 years, while … seven under the age of 18 were sent to juvenile prison” …

… and under the new emergency law the police have “the authority to enter college campuses without warrants to quell protests”, …

… even anti-Mursi secularists like Alaa Abd El Fattah are targeted …

… and this is only the tip of an emerging iceberg as the proposed new constitution includes “an article allowing military trials of civilians in certain cases. The article would give the regime yet another bludgeon over any opposition, threatening to bring them into military courts”:

Has Israel added “zombies” its list of bogeymen? “Citing security concerns, Israeli officials have refused to hand over Palestinian bodies back to families”:

The intention is to “sue the current administration in an international court….  Brotherhood-linked historian Mohamed Al-Gawady listed 25 members of the dissolved parliament who would take part in the exile government. Ten of the officials are in prison. He claimed 20 countries would recognize the government-in-exile in the first week after it was formed”:

If you are wondering why Karzai is stalling on signing the pact to extend American intervention in Afghanistan, consider the “US air strike that killed a small child and injured two women in the southern province of Helmand” which a Karzai spokesman calls “another sign of America’s disregard for civilian life”:

“I wasn’t happy about not having my husband here for the birth, but I didn’t expect that he would miss the whole first year of our son’s life. I’m glad that [he] does at least recognise his dad” on the computer screen during Skype chats, says the Utah National Guardswoman who did not realize that her husband’s “decade of loyal service has done nothing to speed up his immigration case”:

“Embassies are being overwhelmed by nationals frantically seeking the documents they need to allow them to leave the country. ‘You could see this was a disaster waiting to happen,’ said [a] European resident. ‘It just wasn’t thought through. It’s all about incompetence'”:

“The Polish Constitutional Tribunal has accepted for review an appeal by the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland on the [religious] slaughter ban, while the Muslim Religious Association of Poland has turned to the European Commission in an attempt spur outside intervention”:

“The corpses – with gunshots to the head – were found near the town of Tarmiya. At least one army officer was among those killed…. Sectarian violence has surged across the country in recent months. The abductors were wearing police uniforms, according to eyewitnesses” …

… meanwhile, scholars from 25 countries meeting in Turkey plead for unity, invoking the Qur’anic command “The Muslims are but a single brotherhood, so make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers and fear God, that you may receive mercy” (49:10):

“At least half of the [Syrian] refugees — 1.1 million — are children. Of those, some 75 percent are under the age of 12…. Children as young as seven work long hours of manual labor in fields, farms and shops for little pay, sometimes under dangerous or exploitative conditions”:

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