News and Analysis (12/23/13)

The protesters complaint was simple. If Maher or any other Egyptian could be charged with a crime for peacefully demonstrating, then Egypt was not free, the uprising against Mubarak had not succeeded…. Their convictions signal a military-government crackdown on political dissent that is expanding far beyond the Muslim Brotherhood” …

… and “the stunning failure of Westerners who claim to love democracy to condemn the … coup … and the new regime’s subsequent brutal repression of his supporters … has granted the Muslim Brotherhood moral authority on all matters relating to democracy and freedom”:

The U.S. opposes Iran’s participation in the Syrian peace talks because of the latter’s support for Iran. By that logic they should ban themselves from the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations as well …

… speaking of which, Israel says American spying is unacceptable because “there is an intelligence alliance between (the United States and Israel) at an unprecedented level, and we are sharing the most sensitive (intelligence) material.” Hmm. Then why does Israel spy on America?

Confounding the stereotypes, Muslims in America in a new Gallup poll have greater racial & ethic diversity, better gender income parity, and greater youth voter registration than Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, or Jews. Conforming to stereotypes, they are second in religiosity only to the Mormons:

“A member of the White House review panel on NSA surveillance said he was “absolutely” surprised when he discovered the agency’s lack of evidence that the bulk collection of telephone call records had thwarted any terrorist attacks”:

“Musawah operates on the belief that Islam is not inherently biased toward men: patriarchy within Muslim countries is a result of the way male interpreters have read Islamic texts” and this “empowers women to shape the interpretations, norms and laws that affect their lives, then push for legal reform in their respective countries”:

As thousands protest the French intervention in the CAR, a Nazi slogan displayed by one of the French soldiers adds fuel to the fire:

“The disaster that befell Egypt on June 30 … could have been avoided had the Muslim Brotherhood taken a lesson from their Muslim brothers 5,000 miles away, in Indonesia. In 1998, that country’s strongman, Suharto, who had ruled since 1967, was forced to step down by protests remarkably similar to those that brought down Mubarak”:

“The security situation in and around Benghazi has been worsening in recent months, with extremist militia blamed for almost daily attacks”:

As he leaves Harvard to prepare “for his ‘legitimization case’ on behalf of the last remaining 19th century colonial enterprise,” Israel, expect Alan Dershowitz to follow his advice to his law students: “forget about claims of human rights based on international law and universal standards of morality. You’ll never win s— with that malarkey”:






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