News and Analysis (1/24/14)

The Egyptian junta disgraces itself by charging a respected Egyptian scholar and advocate for freedom with “espionage”:

“[T]his new government wants to totally control the flow of information and wants to limit Egyptians’ exposure to alternative viewpoints, and there’s no Egyptian channel that provides an alternative viewpoint”:

A Palestinian spokesman “said Israel had arrested some naive “boys” and claimed they were al-Qaida to halt American pressure to show more flexibility in peace talks. Israel has demanded it retain a presence in parts of the Palestinian-claimed West Bank after any future peace deal due to security concerns”:

“[A]s a new command, NASOC will need to create military units from scratch, which avoids some of the tensions surrounding the vetting needed under the Leahy Amendment that have impeded bilateral security cooperation as a result of the Nigerian government’s heavy-handed approach to Boko Haram in the North”;

It is very unlikely the Syrian talk will end the civil war, but is access for humanitarian aid to the suffering Syrian people too much to hope for?

 Jenny “used to think that many religious people were only religious because it was expected of them by family and society, at times law” but now her Swedish family’s atheism has challenged Islam’s demand that she respect her parents. “I’ve never seen my mother so angry…. I told my father he could not treat me this way any longer” …

… while on the other side of the fence, an immigrant family is broken up when the parents are detained for weeks without charge for violation of  “laws banning all physical punishment of children”:

“The incident in Du Char Yar Tan, a village in Northern Rakhine state, appears to be the deadliest in a year, and would bring the total number killed nationwide to more than 280, most of them Muslims. Another 250,000 people have fled their homes”:

“[I[n what can only be deemed as phenomenally ironic – Drainville banned the use of “racist” during the Bill 60 hearings now going on in Quebec”:

“The Pentagon reportedly has presented Obama with a plan for 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan after 2014. Below that figure, officials say, imperils the mission. But some analysts say more are needed”:






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