News and Analysis (2/1/14)

“U.S. District Judge Charles Haight, Jr. said there was a ‘manifest’ need for further legal discovery, which could bolster the plaintiffs’ claim that the NYPD has engaged in discriminatory surveillance of Muslims”:

“A land-use attorney said that the cemetery request appeared to be in line with all county regulations, noting that” there was “no reason to turn down the request. “The mosque has been treated like in everybody else, and that’s the way the system ought to work”:

With the negotiations ending in mutual name-calling and no commitment for the Asad regime to return for another round, analysts are asking what was the point:

“The prosecution’s case … was thin, based mostly on testimony by other bakery members in exchange for lighter sentences … [and] Lewis’ lawyer failed to object to ‘inflammatory’ prosecution evidence about the … murder and other crimes that were irrelevant to the case”:

“Islam’s calling is an ethical and moral one — not a search for codifying permanent power for Muslims”:

Salaam, Love seeks to counter stereotypes of Muslim men by offering stories of men who bare their emotions, admit mistakes, bask in memories of true love, recall heartbreaks, and reflect on caring for a dying wife. The stories range from humorous to heartbreaking, while shedding light on who makes up Muslim Americans”:

“The blast early on Saturday happened in an area where government troops have been battling Muslim insurgents opposed to a new peace deal. A reporter and cameraman at ABC-5 were among at least six civilians hurt by the improvised explosive device”:

“Turkey fired tank and artillery shells on a convoy of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), destroying a bus and two trucks, in response to small-arms fire on a Turkish border post on Tuesday”:

As the most critical of Syria’s few remaining allies, it is Russia’s responsibility to guarantee Asad’s compliance with his agreement to dump Syria’s chemical weapons:







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