News and Analysis (2/12/14)

After arresting a U.S. embassy “employee who arranged meetings between visiting American government officials and Muslim Brotherhood deputy head Khairat el-Shater” …

… the next victim in the sights of the junta is the free market, as the regime seeks to wipe out the enterprises that are providing efficient low-cost transportation to the people of Egypt:

“[A] senior Iranian diplomat … suggests a comprehensive agreement could be reached within six months despite opposition from Israeli leaders and Republicans in the US Congress. ‘There are definitely solutions for all the questions regarding Iran’s nuclear programme if there is the political will to address them'”:

“According to the state-owned daily Al-Ahram, el-Sissi is to conclude a $2 billion arms deal funded mainly by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Gen. Hossam Sweilam, a retired Egyptian army general who maintains close contact with the military, also said the deal would be finalized in Moscow”:

“Security sources said the arrest of Naim Abbas, who confessed to his organizational role, helped uncover two booby-trapped cars, two weapons depots and led to the arrest of several jihadi-linked people”:

Under Islamic law a woman becomes an adult on onset of menses, but under Australian law, the age of majority begins at 18. The following article reports the opinions of the groom, the father, the religious authorities, and the state, but ignores the bride’s opinions  as if she is not even human:

“Hundreds of Islamic extremists posing as soldiers attacked a northeast Nigerian town for hours, killing 39 people and razing a mosque and more than 1,000 homes…. In the ruins of the burned-out mosque, bodies covered in cloth lay ready for burial…, including three small shrouds covering children”:

A mourner for a Christian murdered by Muslim screams out a promise of genocide …

… but the “ethnic cleansing” is already underway according to Amnesty International and is condemned by the CAR’s new president …

… and one of its consequences is that without its Muslim merchants the country is spiraling into an economic disaster:

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