News and Analysis (2/14/14)

With rebels and government both engaged in what the UN’s humanitarian chief Valerie Amos calls flagrant violations of humanitarian law, negotiator Brahimi is increasingly concerned; the U.S. and Russia will use their influence, but what about Iran and the Arab Gulf states?

Egypt’s prosecutor general ordered an inquiry into a complaint accusing the country’s top satirist Bassem Youssef for mocking the military and its top commander”  after Youssef ridiculed the nationalist fervor that gripped Egyptians after the military ouster of Morsi and the … euphoria surrounding el-Sissi”:

“Gaza’s economy has been devastated by Egypt’s crackdown on smuggling tunnels that provided 50 percent of the territory’s commercial goods” …

… but the Egyptian regime hurts its own economy as well. “This year, the government will spend $14.5 billion on energy subsidies alone, says Yasser Sobhi, chief of macro-fiscal policy in Egypt’s Ministry of Finance. He says the pressure is growing to reduce this burden, which mostly benefits wealthy Egyptians”:

“The Americans wish to solve the Palestinian problem at Jordanian expense, and if that happens, if the government gives in to the demands of the United States, this will threaten the regime” –Hamza Mansour, secretary general of the Islamic Action Front:

“Judge Timothy Pontius admitted the order [taking away the convicted vigilantes’ right to peacefully express their views for five years] was ‘drastic’”  but insisted it was essential for “the safety of individual members of the public”:

Fed up with U.S. infringements on Afghan sovereignty, Karzai not only frees 65 prisoners the U.S> calls dangerous, but even in announcing his agreement to sign a security agreement with the U.S. thumbs his nose at his overbearing ally by first breaking the news to the German first minister”:

“While Denmark’s 6,000 Jews currently do not practice shechita, instead importing kosher meat from abroad, the ruling does affect the country’s Muslim minority”:

“Sunni Islamist insurgents took over much of a northern Iraqi town on Thursday and laid siege to its town hall, weeks after militants seized a whole city from the country’s Shi’ite-led government”:

“This new site offers a place to go if you really want to laugh about what’s going on in the Muslim world — from the Middle East to deep in America. It’s a delightful garlicy dip of truth and wackiness”:

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