News and Analysis (2/26/14)

The research director of Begg’s organization to support Muslim prisoners said, “We are disgusted that Moazzam Begg is being retraumatised with the same guilt by association accusations that resulted in his unlawful incarceration in Guantanamo Bay”:

“They did things to us that is against humanity, against human rights and against Islam. I cannot even talk about that and I will not talk about it…. It was not only me, there were a lot of innocent people they detained” — victim “in his late 70s and in poor health when” US forces seized him from his home”:

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to pay the worker before the sweat has dried from his brow, but under a system in which nationalism trumps Sharia, some Qataris indefinitely delay payment to migrants leaving them in a state of virtual slavery:

Turkey’s foreign minister … told Reuters a robust international strategy including “real intelligence cooperation” and withdrawal of all foreign fighters was needed to end the conflict and help millions of Syrians devastated by violence”:

“MILF chief for political affairs … and other senior MILF leaders say Tundok is a ranking rebel commander covered by an immunity guarantee from the government. A rebel source close to the talks said Tundok had been turned over to an unnamed local Muslim official. The status of his guards was unknown”:

“‘This is a troubling case, “Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote. “Garcia was duped into providing an artistic performance that was used in a way she never could have foreseen.’ Garcia sued after she discovered she was in the video, after efforts to persuade Google to take it down… were repeatedly rebuffed”:

“Leaders of the liberal Rally for Culture and Democracy, the Islamist Ennahda Party, and the Movement of Society for Peace said Monday that the April 17 election should be boycotted because of the danger it represents to the country …[after] Algeria’s ailing president … [said] he would run for a fourth term”:

Accusing “political enemies of hacking encrypted state communications to fake a phone conversation suggesting he warned his son to hide large sums of money before police raids in a graft inquiry that reached into government, … Tayyip Erdogan described it as a shameless and treacherous ‘montage” …

… and “Turkey’s president … approved a controversial bill limiting the independence of the judiciary — a law that is widely interpreted as a government response to corruption allegations … [against] Erdogan”:

A senior Pakistani government official … said the government would prefer a negotiated settlement with the Taliban but … if ‘the negotiations … do not follow the trajectory that has been planned’ … there will be … an offensive” against the Haqqani network “coordinated with U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan“:

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