News and Analysis (3/5/14)

“Egyptian prosecutors have also charged Hamas officials with espionage and terrorism – and suggested that Hamas helped to engineer Egypt’s 2011 revolution” that toppled dictator Husni Mubarak …

… and in their zeal break the arm of a U.S. peace activist who “intended to meet up with international delegates before traveling to Gaza for a women’s conference”:

“There’s a third party to Syria’s civil conflict, and it may be the only one to emerge somewhat victorious from the war.  As President Bashar al-Assad’s grip has loosened, the roughly 2 million Kurds in Syria’s northeast have made their strongest bid yet to break away from Damascus”:

The recording supports allegations that Erdogan has interfered in the judicial process; in turn, government officials accuse Fethullah Gulen’s network of “illegally tapping thousands of telephones in Turkey for years to concoct criminal cases against its enemies and try to influence government affairs”:

“Decades of dictatorship in Myanmar produced a deep catalogue of casualties: slain dissidents, land mine victims and economic ruin, to name a few. A lesser-known casualty of Myanmar’s totalitarian rule? Facts… Myanmar’s Muslims are much more plentiful than the old military regime ever admitted”:

“Muslim clerics have become some of the most vocal critics of the killings, women’s groups say. Sheik Yousef Ideis, head of the Palestinian Islamic-law court, has … said that the killings are a discriminatory practice that violates the teachings of the” Qur’an, adding Islam fought the pre-Islamic tradition”:

“I am a queer woman. I am a feminist. And I believe that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger. Yeah, it’s the third one that usually gets the record-scratch reaction…. I do not speak for Islam. I do not speak for Muslims. I speak for one Muslim: myself”:

“Egypt’s armed forces chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signaled on Tuesday that he will run for president, saying he cannot ignore the “majority” of Egyptians who want him to do so”:

“The unprecedented move by the three states … [is] the clearest sign yet of the rift between Gulf Arab nations and Qatar, which has been a staunch supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere”:

“[T]aking the death toll from three days of attacks to 116 as soldiers struggle to contain raging violence”:






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