News and Analysis (3/10/14)

“Shamsia, now 8 months old, will one day learn how she was saved by a split-second decision by two women who refused to be influenced by the hatreds enveloping their country. She will also one day learn how her mother and her brothers died”:

Three “leading figures in Egypt’s 2011 uprising, have been imprisoned since December and sentenced to 3 years for violating a controversial protest law. On Monday, lawyer Mahmoud Belal said the three claimed their guards beat them because they complained their handcuffs were too tight”:

A female Muslim journalists finds that “fundamentalists” in her community are willing to respect the personal boundaries she has set regarding her progressive interpretation of Islam, but her professional life is different story:

The ex-Muslim who posed topless for a photoshoot freely chose to do what she did. Bangladeshi author Tanwi Nandini Islam says the real victim of American Apparel’s exploitation of women is the “poor, underpaid, overworked young woman making you a $5 shirt for 30 cents an hour“:

“The founder of Alpha Lambda Mu “tells NPR’s Arun Rath that he didn’t intend to start a movement; he just wanted to provide Muslim American men with a place to have fun and be themselves”:

“The al-Qaida-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades … said a “technical fault” affected the second of two Feb. 19 suicide bombings targeting an Iranian cultural center in Beirut, but didn’t specify what it was. The group insisted its suicide bombers were trained to not target civilians”:

“People can escape government regulation, but they cannot escape the word of God” – Hayu Prabowo, chair of the Council of Ulama’s environment and natural resources body:

The Libyan government demonstrates its weakness in the face the rebels’ capture of three ports by threatening to bomb a foreign oil tanker for using the port:

Showing rockets Iran allegedly sent for Palestinians to defend themselves against the Israeli aggression, Netanyahu hope he can fool the world into thinking that Iran, with no nuclear weapons, rather than Israel, with 200 nuclear devices, is the nuclear threat in the Middle East:






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