News and Analysis (3/16/14)

“Erdogan has accused a coalition of “anarchists, terrorists and vandals” as well as opposition parties and an influential U.S.-based Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen, of orchestrating the unrest to undermine him. Using harsh words unlikely to soothe public anger, Erdogan … criticized the boy’s parents and suggested he had not really gone to buy bread”:

The unconscionable plight of the Rohingya Muslims is made worse as the Myanmar government bans Doctors Without B0rders:

“For Islamic feminists, the framework is Islam, the references are the core texts of Islam. My frame of reference as a Muslim is the texts, but truth is truth wherever it’s coming from – and something I hear from any feminist, Gloria Steinem or Germaine Greer, that reflects truth then becomes part of my Islamic lexicon” — actress-turned-author Myriam Francois-Cerrah:

Why the aftermath of Gaddafi’ ouster Libya s a disaster for both the Libyan people and the Europeans whose intervention made he regime change possible:

“If we report the terrorists to the army, the militants will kill us the next day. If we remain silent the army considers us allies of the terrorists and can start attacking our villages” — a Bedouin resident of Sinai:

Notwithstanding his denials of “allegations that he ran a vaccination program to collect DNA” that fronted for a CIA operation” which have contributed to the faltering of legitimate vaccination programs, U.S. lawmakers have confirmed he had a role in the hunt for Bin Laden … and exerted diplomatic pressure for his release”:

The program’s spokesman says the mosque indicatedn o subject would be off limits, but the “mosque’s chairman, Moahammed Naseem, [said] : ‘It was rather surprising how the programme was conducted. The impression given was that BBC3 wanted to discuss immigration’”:

Tunisia’s culture minister motes there is no need to censor film no one wants to see:

“The fall of Yabroud would deal a significant blow to rebels since the initiative passed to the government in spring of 2013”:






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