News and Analysis (3/18/14)

“Captain Amr Farouq’s jail-term among first given to an official involved in country’s recent crackdown on dissent”:

“[S]ome neighbors intervened and informed the fighters that she was a Christian by birth. So they spared her life — on one condition. ‘Renounce Islam,’ one of her attackers said as they left. ‘Or else we will return and kill you for marrying a Muslim’:

“Under Hassan Rouhani, Iran is developing a more open media climate in which reformist reporters no longer fear for their lives”:

As Texans demand the weather service abandon its use of an Arabic word for “wind”, Muslim humorist Dean Oeidullah asks if “these Arab haters will now call alcohol, ‘Texas juice’ or rename algebra to, ‘that thing I failed in school’:

“Stance of Dr Nasser Gaber toward campus incident that was filmed by bystanders sparks fury among women’s rights activists”:

“A US official said the decision by Syria to terminate consular services explained why Washington ordered the closure of the embassy, which no longer had a purpose”:

“[T]he most prominent woman running on a ticket in the April 5 election to choose a successor to President Hamid Karzai. Sarabi once served as Afghanistan’s first female governor, and her current bid to become Afghanistan’s first female vice president is part of an effort to get out the women’s vote”:

Academics and hipsters try to make sense of the complex relationship between Muslims and hip-hop:

“Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas showed Barack Obama what his negotiator called “a very ugly map” of recently constructed Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, amid concern peace talks may be about to fall apart”:

“Ocalan was convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment without any possibility of conditional release. The Strasbourg judges said such a sentence was also a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights”:






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