News and Analysis (4/2/14)

Flagrantly instituted to pander to Saudi Arabia, if Cameron’s proposed “investigation leads to a ban it may appease the Saudis, but it would also alienate the millions who never espoused violence”:

… and while the MB’s “official English Twitter account … said it ‘welcomes any investigations by the British government into its UK activities, past & present, which are all within the law’” …

… some community members “were flummoxed to find the organisation they supported subject to investigation about possible use of extremist violence, especially since it won Egypt’s presidential election in 2012, only to be overthrown in a military coup a year later” …

… while “reaction in Cairo to news … was a mix of bemusement and concern”:

“Human rights activists’ suspect the government — rattled by the presence of Islamic extremists in Kenya and by the attack last year by al-Shabab on a Nairobi mall — is behind the killings of the Muslim leaders. The U.S. Embassy on Wednesday deplored the recent violence in Kenya, including Makaburi’s murder. The U.S. called for a full investigation”:

The election victory indicates that Erdogan’s supporters either overwhelmingly disbelieve the corruption charges or chose to “overlook them when weighed against the achievements of his decade-long premiership. He has presided over unprecedented economic growth”:

As Abbas’s “surprise decision to boost the Palestinians’ stature outside of the peace process by signing on to 15 international agencies” underscores the failure of the peace talks …

… Jonathan Pollard is among those opposed to his release to revive them, having written “that the release of ‘dangerous, unrepentant murderers and terrorists’ would dishonor Israel’s dead”, no doubt as the release of the traitor Pollard dishonors the Americans who died in wars instigated for Israel’s sake or in blow back for our defense of the apartheid state:

If you thought Chris Christie was a straight-talker, “Fugget aboudit!”:

“Kashmiris have learnt to live with both political violence and the Indian intelligence agencies. If you are talking politics in a café in Srinagar and a stranger sits at the next table – you stop talking. If a foreign journalist asks you how many people in the Kashmir Valley support union with Pakistan, off the record you say 25% but on the record you adjust the number down to 10%”:

In Myanmar’s “first census in 30 years, hundreds of thousands of members of the long-persecuted Muslim minority are likely to go uncounted”, considered “unpersons” by the Orwellian government:

The intervention in Afghanistan, the good (such as improvements in availability of clean water), the bad (such as the persistence of poverty) and the ugly (such as an economy dominated by opium export):






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