News and Analysis (4/11/14)

Although systematic “use of state-sponsored sexual harassment against women … is not new…, nothing matches the current level and the extent…. On the very day of the coup … more than 100 women were raped by a pro-coup mob celebrating their “victory”. Ever since, the targeting of female protesters has become a weapon of choice for the security forces and military”:

“In addition to misleading policymakers, the Senate report charges the CIA with selectively and leaking classified and inaccurate information to journalists in order to portray the program in a positive light[, …] manipulated the media … [and] provided factually inaccurate information to Bush administration lawyers”:

“Indonesia’s Muslim parties enjoyed a surprise jump in support in the legislative elections this week, but analysts put it more down to anger with a corrupt ruling party than with the growing popularity of political Islam” …

… while in India, Muslim voters may be the deciding factor, but it will not be for reasons of religious identity”

Has American intervention enabled “growing Al Qaeda sanctuaries in three countries – Iraq, Libya, and Syria”?

Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, who “recently resigned as military commander to run for the presidency – oversaw in February the mobilization of scores of army bus drivers to thwart a strike led by Mahmoud’s union. Sissi’s allies have included some of the corrupt businessmen and politicians who grew rich under former autocrat Hosni Mubarak”:

Observing that since the end of Islam’s Golden Age, Muslims have “taken up superstitious and irrational thinking habits they had … dropped when they originally accepted the Message of Prophet Muhammad”, a Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience opines that modern Muslims turn to “professional debaters to learn about science” rather than to professional scientists or theologians:

“Twenty-five years after making their first bid for membership, the Palestinians can join the Geneva Conventions governing the rules of war and military occupations, the Swiss government said Friday. Israel [a frequent violator of the Geneva conventions] had opposed the move” …

… and Israel takes strong action in retaliation …

… even as the illegal settlers it defends have “turned on the soldiers charged with protecting them”:

“The movie … is not the first horror movie made by a Muslim American. The late Moustapha Akkad produced several films from the ‘Halloween’ franchise. But the release of ‘Jinn’ is a sign that there are a growing number of Muslims in the American film industry who are ready to introduce audiences to stories from their cultural traditions, even in the form of a horror movie”:

“One panel, made up of young adults, was the embodiment of variety. They included an African-American woman without a hijab (head covering), an African-American woman with a hijab, a Pakistani-American with a hijab, an Afghan-American with an ethnic-style beard and even a Muslim who was raised Jewish”:






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