News and Analysis (4/18/14)

Shutting down the ill-conceived spy operation could be a boon to counter-terrorism, but first a stake may need to be driven through its heart:

“Iran has completely diluted half its stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium to lower levels. It has also converted more than half the remaining stockpile for use as nuclear fuel – rendering it almost useless for any weapon application. That means Iran has cut by some 75 percent a stockpile that stood just above 200 kilograms in January” …

… even as “US prosecutors unveiled plans Thursday to sell an Iran-owned Manhattan skyscraper in the largest terror-related seizure ever, and distribute proceeds to families affected by attacks linked to Tehran”:

“[T]his generation of Muslims is abandoning the traditional professions expected from immigrant parents (doctors, engineers, business people) and entering fields we all once thought were closed to us. The last decade has seen a steady and sure emergence of American Muslims as artists, writers, performers, activists, media personalities and intellectuals“:

Some Muslim students welcome the initiative to offer so-called “sharia-compliant loans,” but others object that the size of the fees is more important that whether or not they are called interest:

Reports that “one of country’s foremost Muslim theologians and lectures at Cambridge University” called the video improper are untrue and Prof. Timothy Winter, a/k/a Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Murad, “himself told The Independent that he was ‘happy to be involved’ in the project, which he said cuts the Muslim community free of the “negative images which oppress it”:

In their mixed marriage her Muslim husband is less upset at the prejudices of friends and professional than she because, as he tells her, “the greatest jihad (or struggle) of our lives is the one that takes place in our hearts: the battle to overcome our egos and become more wise, generous and patient for the sake of humanity”:

“I grew up being an outsider, feeling like an outsider, and there wasn’t any moment really after the Boston Marathon where I had that feeling of being an outsider again…. I grieved with everyone…. I could understand their feelings, and they could understand mine, without there being an asterisk next to it”:

The offender, who shouted obscenities against the girl and the Muslim people was “charged with attempted assault, aggravated harassment, and menacing, … [and] has over 40 prior arrests dating back to the 1980s, including busts for petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property”:

“Gul said Friday he opposes a model similar to that of Russia where the president and prime minister have traded places and one has ruled in the other’s shadow. Gul suggested he would not oppose Erdogan if he chose to run for president in the election in August”:

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