News and Analysis (4/25/14)

“[A]n interfaith advisory group of clergy members … overwhelmingly took strong exception to the film, believing some of the terminology in it casts aspersions on all Muslims, and requested changes…. In March, the sole imam in the group resigned to make clear that he could not endorse its contents”:

“Dale Brantner is CEO of Lemoyne, Pennsylvania-based Cure International. He says in a telephone interview Christians with strong beliefs are generally respected in the Muslim world”:

“At Christian and Muslim gatherings prayers have been offered for the girls’ safety”:

The so-called “Salafists” are the latest of the coup supporters to be targeted by the military they helped to come to power:

“[T]he worst part of the speech — which borders on the criminal — is when he dishonestly insinuates that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was violent, and he justifies the anti-democratic coup that overthrew it last year”:

“Amending the SC [Schedujle Caste] criteria – currently available to Hindus and Buddhists — will allow ‘dalit’ Muslims and Christians to access quotas and has been strongly opposed by BJP on the ground that there is no caste-based discrimination in both religions”:

Jonathan Brown says “Muslim scholars were always willing to be critical [of] hadiths” contary to the view that “hadith tradition is kind of this gullible, fideistic, uncritical approach to scripture … and they don’t want to use their brains, they don’t want to look critically at the context of the hadith, that’s not true at all”:

“Israel criticized Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for siding with a terrorist group [the pot calling the kettle black!] instead of pursuing peace with Israel. But Mr. Abbas can’t enforce peace without unity”:

“The disbanding of the Zone Assessment Unit could signal the beginning of the end of this (persecution) experience. But as long as the rest of the surveillance apparatus remains intact, it may be little more than a rebranding of the same old toxic tactics”:






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