News and Analysis (11/3/06)

Even the architects of the Iraqi invasion have to admit the effort has failed, but they do not blame themselves; they blame incompetence of the administration, the treachery of those who oppose them and the “depravity” of the Iraqis:

Scott Ritter visits Iran and finds no resemblance to the caricature in the American media:

Support our troops (as they demand an immediate end to the war):

The Republican lawyer who exposed corruption in the Iraqi adventure is being fired:

But nothing can be done to bring back the 78 who died in army custody:

Desperate effort to find justification for WMD charge backfires:

Unarmed women attempt to shield the armed resistance against the Israeli incursion:

A close look at how secularism’s failures and the Muslim Brotherhood’s acceptance of democracy account for changes in Egypt’s grass roots:

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