News and Analysis (5/16/14)

“[I]n a March 2009 hearing, [Judge] Brinkema expressed her opinion that [Sami] Al-Arian may have been essentially hoodwinked. ‘But I think there’s something more important here, and that’s the integrity of the Justice Department’”:

With an absent Muslim father, she was raised by her Christian mother; yet, she was unjustly convicted of apostasy and disgracefully charged with adultery for having sex with her Christian husband. Given three days to recant, she refused to renounce the religion in which she was raised …

… while at the other extreme of the perversion of Islam scale, some Indonesians engage in anonymous adultery in the belief it will confer divine favor upon them:

Whatever the damage turns out to be, the mine-owners need to be held strictly responsible for it lest Turkey fall into the trap so no business in the country indulges in the false economy that shifts costs of risk to its workers or to taxpayers as a regulatory regime would do:

Modi’s victory, attributed to development gains in Gujurat was larger than expected, but can his pledge to include Muslims and Christians in the growth be taken seriously given the degree to which identity politics is integrated into India’s culture?

Posting of conflicting videos was “‘fair use,’ because it was for the purpose of making ‘religiously based criticism against a public figure on a matter of public concern’ based on … sincerely held religious beliefs that ‘it is morally wrong to lie, and especially wrong to lie in a church and to U.S. Marines’:

Prosecutors have unsuccessfully tried to blame Iran and Hezbollah for the bombing of the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association. Now “a federal court is blocking a joint Argentinian-Iranain ‘truth commission’ … to investigate the 1994 bombing …, but officials say they will appeal”:

“For fans, the app is a vindication of Palestinian history which has been largely erased from modern-day Israel, where the term nakba is banned in school textbooks and it’s not uncommon for Arabic-language signs to transliterate Hebrew place names of modern Israeli towns”:

Glenn “Greenwald made public slides that Snowden obtained from the NSA” stating that ” intelligence relations with Israel … arguably tilted heavily in favor of Israeli security concerns. 9/11 came, and went, with NSA’s only true Third Party CT relationship being driven almost totally by the needs of” Israel …

… and Israel is responding to the rising tide of evidence of its espionage in America with its usual weapons, but this time, “[m]oney, rushed state visits and accusations of anti-Semitism may not be enough to save proposed visa waivers”:






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