News and Analysis (3/23/09)

What role did the US played in the arrest of Naji Hamdan, a US citizen who claims he confessed under torture?

Enemies of free speech, including the terrorist JDL, hide behind slanderous accusations of criminality against a good Samaritan:

The IDF attacked 34 medical care facilities” and “did not allow the evacuation of injured civilians who were besieged for days at a time and left the civilians without food or water for considerable periods” — Physicians for Human Rights-Israel:

Community attempts to address environmental and traffic issues around the expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy are frustrated by debate over its curriculum:

A Fatah spokesman in the occupied West Bank told reporters that Kamal Naji had been “assassinated” — but by whom?:

The failed appointment of Freeman may serve as one small step towards an honest discussion in American about the US alliance with Israel:

Attempting to consolidate his influence, Zardari argues that the reinstatement of Chaudhry “could mark the end of a cycle of dictatorship” in Pakistan:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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