News and Analysis (3/24/08)

After he rejected the government’s desperate plea bargain offer (which would gagged him from making accusations of torture), all charges against the defendant  were dropped:

Reminiscent of accusations that Hamas used civilians as human shields, Israeli confinement of Palestinians to the conflict zone had the same effect:

En route to prayers, a Uighur complains “government is government, we can do nothing,” about China’s modernization plan that would destroy energy-efficient traditional Islamic housing:

The proposed $1.5 billion in aid would be in addition to the $10 billion given for military assistance:

Budgetary problems have stalled the incorporation of Awakening Council members into government jobs, fueling sectarian divides:

“It is an unwanted provocative visit…. What is painful for us is that [Marzel] gets legitimacy from the state and there are 2,500 police protecting them.” – Umm el-Fahm Mayor Hamdan

In a crucial step towards resolving the complicated and intertwined politics of Lebanon and Syria:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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