News and Analysis (5/23/14)

“NSA defenders still won’t tell the whole truth, but a newly revealed damage assessment offers a window into government damage control – not any actual damage done by Snowden”:

A Kansas sheriff’s office insists on having a man who can’t tell the difference between Hamas and the Council on American Islamic Relation train its officers in how to spot terrorists. Say what???

“There are signs of a diplomatic thaw between Iran and the Arab oil monarchies of the Gulf. It has just been announced that the ruler of Kuwait, Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, will make a state visit to Iran. This news comes after it was confirmed that the Iranian foreign minister has been invited to Riyadh”:

“Khalifa Hifter, who has been leading an armed revolt in Libya since Friday, called for a new presidential council and parliamentary elections Wednesday. A divisive figure in Libya, many worry Hifter’s goal is to be a new Gadhafi”:

“Embracing the law — the constitution and Shari’a at once — would combat the Taliban’s political initiative, dispel corrosive doubts about the government’s true motives and affiliations, and give U.S. and NATO skeptics who see Pakistan playing a “double game” a better narrative to focus on”:

“After election results were announced on May 16, and it became clear that the BJP won a majority of its own, and would not have to depend even on its NDA allies, the Muslim forum softened its stance towards the BJP”:

“Israel has cultivated millions of global [Evangelical] supporters …. But since Palestinian church leaders called for … solidarity five years ago, mainstream Protestants have increasingly aligned themselves with pro-Palestinian initiatives, including the” BDS movement:

“Like much of the program Sisi has hinted at in media appearances, the map draws on practices from the era of President Hosni Mubarak, prompting more accusations that the former army chief is a product of the old regime”

“Responding to the draft report, the Olive Tree leadership said the school had no books available to children that described or advocated stoning women, and called a claim that the library carried no books on religions other than Islam ‘an outright fabrication’”:






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